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Malt Grain or ce­real that is ger­mi­nated with wa­ter

Wort Dried ground malt with hot wa­ter, a sug­ary liq­uid

Grain whisky Whisky made from the dis­til­la­tion of wheat or maize in a con­tin­u­ous still

Malt whisky Su­pe­rior whisky made from the dis­til­la­tion of bar­ley malt

Blended whisky Grain whisky that is blended with dif­fer­ent types of malt whiskies to at­tain an over­all smooth tex­ture

Bour­bon Amer­i­can whisky made from more than 50 per cent corn that is dis­tilled, then aged in charred new Amer­i­can oak bar­rels

Vat­ted malt Whisky that does not con­tain any grain whisky and is con­sid­ered an un­blended whisky

Vat­ting The com­po­si­tion of var­i­ous casks of whisky, in­clud­ing those from dif­fer­ent pro­duc­tion runs, to achieve con­sis­tency or com­plex­ity. For ex­am­ple, whisky aged in sherry casks will take on a dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter to whisky aged in Amer­i­can oak bar­rels. Sec­ond-fill whisky will also have an at­ten­u­ated taste com­pared to whisky aged in a new bar­rel. Whisky in re­ju­ve­nated (shaved and recharred) casks age faster

Peat Com­pressed and de­cayed veg­etable mat­ter from peat bogs. Used as fuel, they burn with a pun­gent smoke. When bar­ley is malted us­ing peat, the smoky smell is im­parted to the bar­ley

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