Fried Prawn with Honey Sauce

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Serves 8


16 tiger prawns (devein), some potato starch, 1 red chilli (minced), 5g minced ginger, 1 shallot (minced)

Honey Sauce (Mix well)

200ml water, 140g rock sugar, 30g honey, 30g maltose, 80g tomato sauce, 50g fish sauce, 30g Maggie Seasoning Sauce, 40g Marmite


some spring onion


1. Prepare Honey Sauce: Simmer Honey Sauce ingredients in pot for

20 mins until thick. Set aside. 2. Coat tiger prawns with potato starch. Heat up oil until 70% hot.

Deep-fry tiger prawns until golden brown. Set aside. 3. Heat up oil. Add minced chilli, ginger and shallot.

fragrant. 4. Add 3 tbsp Honey Sauce and tiger prawns. Toss well. Garnish with

spring onion and serve. Stir-fry until

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