Fried Seafood Noodle with Laksa Paste

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Serves 4


some oil, 80g small prawns (shelled), 50g squid (sliced), 50g scallops (diced), 5g minced garlic, 4 eggs, 30g shredded onion, 10g shredded cabbage, 3 tofu puffs (sliced), 1 red chilli (sliced), 600g yellow noodles (rinse and drain), 50g bean sprouts


80g laksa paste, 100g chilli sauce, some seasoning powder, some dark soy sauce

Garnishing Method


sugar, some some red chilli slices, spring onion and fried crispy shallots

chicken Scald prawns, squid and scallops in hot oil briefly. Remove and set aside. 2. Heat up oil. Sauté garlic. Add eggs and stir-fry. 3. Add onion, cabbage, tofu puffs, red chilli and Seasoning. Pan-fry

until fragrant. 4. Add noodles and seafood. Stir-fry until done. Add bean sprouts

and stir well. 5. Serve on plate. Garnish with

shallots. chilli, spring onion and fried crispy

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