Tuscan Seafood Soup

Xin Flavours - - 西餐h料o理mewceostoekrn家c煮ui好sin味e -

For The Broth

some oil 20g garlic, peel and dice 20g carrot, peel and roughly chop 20g celery, diced 300g fish bones 100g tomatoes, diced 20g parsley, finely chopped 500ml water


100g tiger prawns, deshell and devein 50g clams 50g mussels 50g sea bass, skin removed 50g scallops

For The Soup

some oil 5g minced garlic 5g minced spring onion 5g red chillies 20ml white wine 30g cherry tomatoes 30g asparagus, trim and stems peeled 30g cannellini beans, cooked 200ml broth (refer to steps below on

how to prepare) 5g parsley, finely chopped some salt and pepper to taste

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