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One of the key func­tions of the gut is di­ges­tion. It car­ries food from the mouth, through the oe­soph­a­gus, stom­ach, small and large in­testines, to the anus, with our bod­ies ab­sorb­ing the nu­tri­ents we need along the way.

Di­ges­tion al­lows us to break down food to re­lease energy and nu­tri­ents. For a child, these in­clude DHA to sup­port brain de­vel­op­ment and vi­ta­mins and min­er­als that sup­port phys­i­cal growth. These are par­tic­u­larly im­por­tant dur­ing a child’s first 1,000 days (from the first day of preg­nancy to his sec­ond birth­day) be­cause this is a time of rapid de­vel­op­ment and growth.


• As­para­gus • Bananas • Beans • Beet­roots • Berries • Oats • Onions

• Gar­lic


A good gut bac­te­ria pro­file, with a large num­ber of di­verse help­ful bac­te­ria, sup­ports di­ges­tion. Good bac­te­ria help to break down and di­gest cer­tain foods that the stom­ach and small in­tes­tine are un­able to di­gest, as well as fa­cil­i­tate the ab­sorp­tion of nu­tri­ents such as cal­cium, and the pro­duc­tion of vi­ta­min K – which helps with func­tions like blood clot­ting.

The other crit­i­cal role that a good gut bac­te­ria pro­file plays is in nat­u­ral de­fences. Good bac­te­ria form a first line of de­fence in ward­ing off bad bac­te­ria in There are nu­mer­ous types of pre­bi­otics. How­ever, not all pro­vide the same ben­e­fits. An ar­ti­cle pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Nutri­tion 20082 pre­sented the find­ings of re­search on a unique in­ter­na­tion­ally patented pre­bi­otic blend, GOS/lcFOS (9:1). The re­search sci­en­tif­i­cally demon­strated that GOS/lcFOS pro­motes a healthy gut bac­te­ria pro­file and sup­ports nat­u­ral de­fences. our gut. In fact, the gut is it­self in­volved in the im­mune func­tion, with 70 to 80 per cent of im­mune cells be­ing lo­cated along the gut wall.

You can help your child to build a healthy gut with a diet rich in pre­bi­otics, which act as fuel for good bac­te­ria to grow and mul­ti­ply. The other ad­van­tage? Food which con­tain pre­bi­otics are also of­ten rich in vi­ta­mins and other nu­tri­ents, which fa­cil­i­tate good gut func­tion too. Get­ting your child’s gut health in or­der en­sures that his to­tal well-be­ing is in check.

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