my kid is a bully?!

In­stead of try­ing to jus­tify his ag­gres­sive be­hav­iour or dis­miss it as a naughty mo­ment, find out why he is act­ing this way, sug­gests

Young Parents (Singapore) - - AGE BY STAGE 3 - 4 YEARS - DR RICHARD C. WOOLF­SON.

Does bul­ly­ing oc­cur at home?

If a child is raised in a fam­ily where ag­gres­sion oc­curs reg­u­larly, he is likely to be­have this way, too.

Has your child been bul­lied? Is he al­lowed to re­lease ten­sion at home?

Maybe he is on the re­ceiv­ing end of teas­ing or phys­i­cal as­saults from his el­der sib­lings. If so, he might vent his anger by bul­ly­ing oth­ers at the play­ground. You just saw your four-yearold force­fully push an­other child off the swing and then hap­pily climb onto it him­self.

You are dis­traught: You love your child but not his bul­ly­ing be­hav­iour. Be­fore show­ing anger, dis­ap­point­ment or even em­bar­rass­ment, ask your­self the fol­low­ing ques­tions:

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