Re­mem­ber­ing The Taste Of Love

Cook­ing is a great way for you to bond with your chil­dren. Cre­ate plenty of de­li­cious, whole­some meals to­gether with Okome Short­grain Rice.

Young Parents (Singapore) - - Okome Special -

It’s true what they say, that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Af­ter all, there are few other places where you can gather with your loved ones, share a few laughs and work to­gether to cre­ate some­thing spe­cial. A home-cooked meal is also a sym­bol of love – re­mem­ber com­ing home to a de­li­cious hot meal when you were a child? So what better way to re­live those child­hood mem­o­ries and ex­press your love for your kids, than with a yummy dish?

While cook­ing is a fun way to bond with your lit­tle ones, it’s also an op­por­tu­nity for you to in­tro­duce a va­ri­ety of skills. Show­ing them how to weigh in­gre­di­ents and mea­sure out por­tions, for ex­am­ple, is a great way to teach them about maths, and demon­strat­ing var­i­ous cook­ing tech­niques, like bak­ing, boil­ing and fry­ing, teaches them about ba­sic science. In ad­di­tion, cook­ing to­gether en­cour­ages com­mu­ni­ca­tion and co­op­er­a­tion be­tween you and your chil­dren, and gives ev­ery­one a chance to get imag­i­na­tive in the kitchen.

Okome Short­grain Rice is a ver­sa­tile and tasty in­gre­di­ent you’ll love cook­ing with. Cul­ti­vated in the US, it is cel­e­brated for its soft tex­ture, and can be used to pre­pare de­lec­ta­ble dishes from a range of in­ter­na­tional cuisines, in­clud­ing Ja­panese, Korean and Tai­wanese. Start spend­ing qual­ity time with your loved ones and cre­ate your own taste of love through the use of Okome rice. If your young ones love Ja­panese bento meals, Okome Short­grain Rice is the per­fect in­gre­di­ent to use, as it’s easy to mould into dif­fer­ent shapes when cooked, and com­ple­ments


You’ll need rice, such as Okome Short­grain Rice, vine­gar and kelp (op­tional).

u Rinse rice 3 to 4 times in wa­ter. Drain in a colan­der for 10 min­utes. v Add wa­ter (1 cup of rice with 1.25 cups of wa­ter). w Soak rice for 30 min­utes be­fore cook­ing it in a rice cooker. For ex­tra flavour, add a piece of kelp (op­tional). the flavours of any dish. Just imag­ine all the fun you will have pre­par­ing car­toon char­ac­ter-themed bento meals, and any­thing else your chil­dren’s imag­i­na­tions can come up with!

Okome Short­grain Rice is avail­able at $12.95 and sold at all ma­jor su­per­mar­kets. x While the rice is cook­ing, pre­pare the vine­gar mix­ture by dis­solv­ing sugar and salt in vine­gar over low heat. y Trans­fer cooked rice (while still hot) to a wide bowl. Pour pre­pared vine­gar mix­ture over the rice. Mix well. z Cover the bowl of rice with a damp, slot­ted cloth to keep the rice fresh and moist. { Wait till the rice is com­pletely cooled. Then it’s time to make de­li­cious sushi!

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