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es­pe­cially dan­ger­ous for young kids as they tend to be­come de­hy­drated more quickly than adults.

The CDC ad­vises trav­ellers to de­vel­op­ing coun­tries to avoid drink­ing or us­ing tap wa­ter to brush teeth or rinse the mouth.

The CDC rec­om­mends dis­in­fect­ing tap wa­ter by boil­ing it for about one minute. If you’re un­sure, sim­ply use bot­tled min­eral wa­ter for drink­ing and brush­ing teeth, and when pre­par­ing for­mula milk or rice ce­real for ba­bies and tod­dlers, says Dr ieong.

Down­load the CDC’s

Can I Eat This? app. It helps pre­vent trav­ellers’ di­ar­rhoea by point­ing you to the right food and drink choices in dif­fer­ent coun­tries.

• Avoid large meals and opt for light snacks be­fore trav­el­ling.

• Dis­tract your kid by play­ing some mu­sic or talk­ing to him.

• Ask your pae­di­a­tri­cian about anti-mo­tion sick­ness med­i­ca­tions. They can be used for kids above the age of two, but may cause drowsi­ness.

Cram­ming too many ex­cit­ing ac­tiv­i­ties in the first few days

You’ve reached your des­ti­na­tion and are rar­ing to go. But the kids have turned into cranky mon­sters who have trou­ble stay­ing awake in the day and wake up at odd hours at night.

iike adults, kids can get jet­lag, too, if they al­ready have an es­tab­lished sleep-wake cy­cle and are cross­ing time zones. Ex­pect jet­lag to set in dur­ing the first few days, so try not to over­sched­ule your hol­i­day ac­tiv­i­ties, ad­vises Dr Tan.

Pre­vent jet­lag with these strate­gies from Dr Tan:

• En­sure that your kid has suf­fi­cient sleep weeks be­fore you travel.

• A few days be­fore your trip, ad­just his sleep sched­ule closer to the des­ti­na­tion time, for ex­am­ple, by an hour or so ev­ery day.

• Set aside time to rest and re­cu­per­ate. This means sched­ul­ing that theme park trip or other high-en­ergy ac­tiv­i­ties to a later date.

• Get enough sun­light to help the body ad­just to the lo­cal time, and wind down in the evenings.

• If your kid needs a nap dur­ing the day, keep to only 15 to 30 min­utes. Move nap­time to an ear­lier time in the day.

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