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Pass­ing your kid the iPad while on the road

Air and mo­tion sick­ness usu­ally do not af­fect ba­bies, but it can hit older kids. Those aged two to 12 years old tend to be prone to nau­sea, vom­it­ing, headaches and gen­eral dis­com­fort while trav­el­ling, says Dr Tan.

This could be due to their de­vel­op­ing bal­ance cen­tre, says Dr Tan. Ba­bies don’t have this prob­lem be­cause they are usu­ally on their backs.

To pre­vent mo­tion sick­ness, Dr Tan sug­gests:

• Of­fer plenty of flu­ids to keep your kid hy­drated.

• Get him to fo­cus on the sur­round­ings out­side the ve­hi­cle in­stead of watch­ing a video or read­ing a book, which may make mat­ters worse.

• Travel dur­ing nap­time.

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