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As the year turns from old to new, I of­ten rem­i­nisce about the past, look to the fu­ture and wish for my­self and my fam­ily mem­bers good health and hap­pi­ness. Don’t we all dream about lead­ing a bet­ter life, reach­ing for­ward and never back? I know I do – there’s the hope that I will be eat­ing well, trav­el­ling to far­ther reaches of the world and en­joy­ing life more than I al­ready do in the months ahead.

Ad­mit­tedly, I don’t tend to think too much about the less for­tu­nate at this time. I do my bit for char­ity, but the truth is, I don’t re­late enough to the cir­cum­stances they face. When I come across a story that is touch­ing, it al­ways feels like it is “some­one else’s story”, not mine. I try to do my part to con­trib­ute and then I get on with my own life.

But at a re­cent gath­er­ing, the new friends I made there changed my mind. They did not just get on with their lives af­ter en­coun­ter­ing an­other per­son’s hard­ship. In places such as China, Cam­bo­dia and Uganda, they vol­un­teered to bear the bur­den of car­ing for the dy­ing, the youths at risk and those with less than a glim­mer of hope to sur­vive. They have been do­ing this for years and their re­ward is to see a child smile and hear his laugh­ter.

Blue Sky Heal­ing Home, Riverkids Project and Morn­ing Star Fam­ily Home – we fea­ture their sto­ries in this is­sue of ZbBz to start the year on an inspiring and com­pas­sion­ate note.

Their chal­lenges re­mind us of the in­jus­tices of the world and how in­her­ent they are for some of our fel­low men, women, ba­bies and chil­dren.

Who is for­tu­nate and who is not? It may all be rel­a­tive. If you’re too used to the first­class life, then it may be hard for you to un­der­stand what it’s like to be poor to the point of be­ing left to die on the streets or traf­ficked for a few dol­lars. But each time you feel that God has been un­fair to you, don’t for­get that there is some­one out there who has been dealt a much un­luck­ier card. As we look for­ward to a new year of peace and pros­per­ity, it might be a good idea to take a mo­ment to think about how we could make life bet­ter for the less for­tu­nate among us − like our fea­tured he­roes do.

This new year, let’s all share a lit­tle love out­side our com­fort­able lives. It’s not too dif­fi­cult and it won’t cost too much. All it re­ally takes is a lit­tle bit of heart.

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