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像陈岚舒这样的独特女性比比皆是,如今年亚洲最佳女厨,驰骋餐饮业30年的菲律宾籍Mar­garita Forés、高鸿集团创办人兼执行主席王芝菁、名律师张祉盈,以及在香港建立餐饮王国的黄佩茵等,都是我敬重的现代女性。她们的果敢果断,在两性依然不平等的亚洲社会,无疑让很多大男人汗颜。


It is a strange phe­nom­e­non where men dom­i­nate in com­mer­cial kitchens but the home kitchen is usu­ally the realm of women. This has to be why the suc­cess of Lan­shu Chen, awarded the ti­tle of Asia’s Best Fe­male Chef in 2014, has at­tracted so much at­ten­tion. I vis­ited her restau­rant dur­ing a self-driv­ing trip across Tai­wan that I treated my­self to re­cently and had the plea­sure of sam­pling Chen’s dis­tinc­tive cook­ing style. She mar­ries Tai­wanese i ngredients and dishes with mod­ern French tech­niques; her foie gras with aged salted radish, for ex­am­ple, took a sen­si­tive palate to put to­gether. I l oved how her cre­ations stim­u­late the senses and fully show­case a woman’s softer side, a valu­able qual­ity in any kitchen.

I have been sur­rounded by ca­pa­ble women all my life: my mother, my nieces, my so­cialite friends whom I meet fre­quently i n the course of my work and my co-work­ers who proof­read my work to en­sure that no er­rors go to press. Like Chen, th­ese women are de­tail-ori­ented in a way that men are not. This i s one clear ex­am­ple to me of how men and women are not ex­actly the same when it comes to pro­fes­sional ca­pa­bil­i­ties and how the two sexes are fun­da­men­tally dif­fer­ent.

Our i ssue this month i s ded­i­cated to women of dis­tinc­tion, i nclud­ing this year’s Asia's Best Fe­male Chef, Mar­garita Fores; prop­erty guru Ong Chih Ching; renowned l awyer Ste­fanie Yuen Thio; and hos­pi­tal­ity queen Yenn Wong. They are all mod­ern women whom I greatly ad­mire; their sense of bold­ness and de­ci­sive­ness should no doubt draw co­pi­ous beads of sweat from the fore­heads of lesser men.

Speak­ing of bold­ness, look at the women in Saudi Ara­bia who took part in l ast year’s elec­tions which were open to women vot­ers and can­di­dates for the first time. How coura­geous are the fe­male politi­cians who stood and won, in a coun­try where women are for­bid­den even to drive.

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