My Own­Brand Of Beau­ty我的自创美肤品

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For some aes­thet­ics doc­tors and so­cialites, hav­ing easy ac­cess to the best beauty and skin­care prod­ucts in the mar­ket is not enough; they want to make some­thing of their own不满足于市面上众多美容护肤品牌,城中名媛和美容医生纷纷加入自创美容品牌的行列。

Your skin looks great; what prod­ucts do you use? Such a com­pli­ment usu­ally in­vites a shar­ing of fa­mous brand names or sur­pris­ing beauty finds. But to some beauty ex­perts who have per­sonal dreams and bench­marks for skin­care, their proud­est an­swer is to say it is some­thing they for­mu­lated them­selves.

In Sin­ga­pore, some aes­thetic doc­tors and so­cialites have cre­ated their own din­stinct skin­care brands. Look­ing at them, one can­not help but no­tice that they are the best spokesper­sons for their brands. We ask them for their in­spi­ra­tion be­hind their la­bels.

Java­glow founder Tanny Kea be­lieves in skin detox.

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