UP-CLOSE近距离银座珍珠Bright New Start

重新开张的 Miki­mo­to日本银座旗舰店,以“春天的海洋”为店面形象,诚邀顾客走进宁静的奢华空间,近距离欣赏高品位珠宝,以及日本的艺术与文化精神。High-end Ja­panese jew­eller Miki­moto re­opens its flag­ship store in Ginza with a sparkling fa­cade and ex­quis­ite in­te­ri­ors in­spired by nature





Miki­mo­to新总店共12层楼,零售层占一半。一 楼展示最新系列珠宝;二楼和三楼是珍珠、钻石和其他彩宝首饰,三楼亦设首饰设计和修护服务专柜;四楼专售珍珠项链;五楼是高级珠宝,也设私人试戴室;六楼是婚礼珠宝、订婚戒指和婚戒专区,有Lalique特別打造的幸运草水晶灯营造幸福感。


七楼是Miki­mo­to展演厅,会不定时举办主题展或其他活动,最近刚结束的是Miki­mo­to配合去年出版的艺术专书The Pearl Neck­lace而举办的珍珠项链主题展。

桥本靖彦说:“我们考虑举办珠宝首饰以外 的文化活动,例如为亚洲艺术家提供演出或发表作品的空间。”


配合新总店开张, Miki­mo­to推出以海洋为灵感的Praise To Na­ture顶级珠宝系列,以珍珠、钻石与彩宝,诠释海底世界的多彩多姿,绚烂夺目,华美之极。

设计师之一松原澄子在总店接受本地媒体访问时说:“设计首饰,有时会以珠宝为起点,但Praise To Na­ture是以海洋为灵感泉源。例如黄金珍珠代表日出时的海洋,白珍珠象征在夜里照射海面的月亮。”

新总店开张时,担任剪彩嘉宾的日本女星米仓涼子佩戴了Praise To Na­ture系列钻石珍珠项



Miki­moto, Ja­pan’s renowned pearl jew­eller, has re­opened its flag­ship store in Tokyo af­ter a re­vamp last­ing over two years. The store in Ginza, which wel­comed shop­pers on June 1, is housed in a shim­mer­ing struc­ture that has be­come a land­mark in the posh shop­ping district.

De­signed by renowned Ja­panese ar­chi­tect Hiroshi Naito, the main store is in­spired by nature, es­pe­cially the ocean. The ar­chi­tect chose to em­bel­lish the ex­te­rior of the build­ing with 40,000 pieces of glass to cre­ate an ef­fect that brings to mind the sparkling seas.

The re­mod­elled store fronts the main thor­ough­fare and boasts glass win­dows that are two­s­torey tall. Ya­suhiko Hashimoto, Miki­moto’s di­rec­tor and ex­ec­u­tive vice-pres­i­dent of sales and mar­ket­ing, said: “Most jew­ellers like to con­ceal their in­te­ri­ors. Our win­dows are a rar­ity in the busi­ness and with them, we hope to wel­come vis­i­tors from dif­fer­ent parts of the world into the world of Miki­moto. We are known for pearl jew­ellery, but we also of­fer jew­ellery crafted with other pre­cious gems.”

Re­tail takes up half the space in the 12-storey com­plex. The lat­est col­lec­tions are show­cased on the ground level, while pearl, di­a­mond and other gem­stone jew­ellery pieces are dis­played on the sec­ond and third lev­els. The jew­ellery de­sign and re­pair ser­vice counter is also lo­cated on the third level.

The fourth floor is ded­i­cated to pearl neck­laces, while the fifth is for haute jew­ellery. Here, cus­tomers can try out var­i­ous de­signs in pri­vate rooms. Those shop­ping for en­gage­ment and bridal jew­ellery will head to the sixth level, where a clover-in­spired chan­de­lier spe­cially created by Lalique adds to the ro­man­tic am­bi­ence.

Art­works in­spired by nature adorn the en­tire space. For in­stance, the stair land­ing be­tween the first and sec­ond floor fea­tures a "sea-wave" wall dec­o­ra­tion by plas­ter crafts­man Syuhei Hasado. On the sec­ond and third floor, an en­tire wall is cov­ered with tin tiles bear­ing del­i­cate cherry blos­soms by sculp­tor To­moya Tachibana.

Themed dis­plays and other events are held in an ex­hi­bi­tion hall on the sev­enth floor. For ex­am­ple, it served as the venue for an ex­hi­bi­tion on pearl neck­laces held in con­junc­tion with the launch of the art book The Pearl Neck­lace last year.

The jew­eller is also open to host­ing cul­tural events that are not re­lated to jew­ellery, such as “pro­vid­ing a space for Asian artists to per­form or to show­case their works”, said Hashimoto. Ode To Nature

To cel­e­brate the store’s re­open­ing, Miki­moto launched its top-of-the-line Praise To Nature jew­ellery col­lec­tion that is in­spired by the ocean. The ex­quis­ite range in­ter­prets the myr­iad colours and sights of the un­der­wa­ter world us­ing pearls, di­a­monds and gem­stones.

One of the de­sign­ers, Su­miko Mat­sub­ara, shared her de­sign in­spi­ra­tion in an in­ter­view with se­lected Sin­ga­porean me­dia at the flag­ship store, “Some­times, jew­ellery de­sign starts with the jewel. How­ever, the Praise To Nature col­lec­tion is in­spired by the sea. The golden pearl rep­re­sents the sea at sun­rise, while the white pearl sym­bol­ises the moon that is re­flected in the night sea.”

At the rib­bon-cut­ting cer­e­mony, Ja­panese celebrity Ryoko Yonekura daz­zled with a di­a­mon­dand-pearl neck­lace and a pair of South Sea pearl ear­rings from the Praise to Nature col­lec­tion, as well as other stun­ning Miki­moto pieces. The neck­lace, worth some ¥70 mil­lion (S$873,000), was de­signed by Su­miko Mat­sub­ara and fea­tures Akoya pearls from Ja­pan and white South Sea pearls with 18K white gold, sap­phires, gar­nets, alexan­drites and di­a­monds.

"All pearls are unique, and match­ing their size and colour is al­ways a chal­lenge," said Su­miko Mat­sub­ara. "More­over, this neck­lace com­bines pearls of dif­fer­ent colours and other gems. Var­i­ous as­pects of this vo­lu­mi­nous neck­lace had to be har­mo­nized, and we com­pleted this beau­ti­ful neck­lace with pas­sion and ex­quis­ite crafts­man­ship."

Praise To Na­ture系列其中一款耳环 ,日本Akoy­a珍珠和钻石相辅相成,珍珠周围以18K白金打造,宛如波光粼粼的海浪。

The Miki­moto flag­ship store is tall and spa­cious, with full-length glass win­dows that are not com­monly seen in jew­ellery stores.

Each level of the Miki­moto flag­ship store bears a dis­tinct theme. For in­stance, jew­ellery created with pearls, di­a­monds and other gem­stones are show­cased on the sec­ond floor.

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