Five com­mand­ments of Food Safety ac­cord­ing to the Depart­ment of Health

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● Wash hands with soap and Wa­ter be­fore han­dling food and af­ter us­ing a bath­room

● Cook food thor­oughly and do not eat half-cooked food. This is be­cause Lis­te­ria mono­cy­to­genes is very sen­si­tive to heat and will die when food is well cooked

● Do not han­dle raw and cooked food to­gether, al­ways sep­a­rate them, for the rea­sons men­tioned above

● Keep food at ap­pro­pri­ate tem­per­a­tures

● When us­ing milk prod­ucts, make sure that th­ese are pas­teur­ized or at least pre­boiled and wash non-cooked food with clean run­ning wa­ter be­fore in­ges­tion, or at least with pre-boiled wa­ter.

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