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WE need to com­mand mem­bers of the po­lice ar­rived in Lim­popo for their swift ac­tion in ap­pre­hend­ing those sus­pected of the Heist on the Mat­lala Road on Tues­day morn­ing.

They car­ried out the crime in the morn­ing, they had sup­per be­hind bars. That is ef­fec­tive polic­ing and we can’t fault them on that. Sim­i­lar to that Boks­burh heist where per­pe­tra­tors were ar­rested shortly. Such ac­tions from the po­lice need us a so­ci­ety to stand up and pat them on the back.

Yes it’s their job and they should not be com­ple­mented for do­ing but the speed that the ar­rests were made it im­pres­sive. You also have to keep in mind the num­ber of cases that go cold and are never re­solved. As the coun­try is un­der siege from the rob­bers, we need are men and women in blue to step up.

I was also pleased to hear Ma­jor Gen­eral Prince Mokotedi who was has been tasked with deal­ing with heists say­ing they have com­plied a list of 122 per­sons of in­ter­est and 20 of them will be ar­rested in four weeks. That is lead­er­ship. That is a sign that our of­fi­cers are hard at work.

But that is just the tip of the ice­berg. More needs to be done. We can’t have a CIT rob­bery ev­ery day. That list must be ex­pe­dited and more ar­rests many. An­other way to dent their plan is to deal de­ci­sively with the sup­ply of ex­plo­sions and am­mu­ni­tion used for these hideous crime. Once we can mage to close those loop­holes, he will start to make in­roads.

Keep up the work and do even more.

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