Like nu­tri­tious sweets for cy­clists, these de­li­cious chews de­liver a jolt of fast-act­ing carbs and other es­sen­tials to fuel your ride.

Bicycling (South Africa) - - CONTENTS - By Jes­sica Cas­sity and An­dré Valen­tine

Six gummy sweet prod­ucts that keep your sweet tooth in check – and keep you ped­alling.

BABY BOP May­nards En­er­jelly Ba­bies will take you back to your child­hood while keep­ing you go­ing on the bike, too. One serv­ing ( 75g) sup­plies 946kJ, mostly through carbs, while a small help­ing of pro­tein will aid re­cov­ery. These mul­ti­coloured jel­lies also have about 69mg of sodium to help re­store elec­trolytes. sweet stuff: Glu­cose syrup, su­gar, fruit juice;

R6.95, tiger­ SOLID TASTE Easy on the palate, and free of fat – you’ll learn to love En­er­gade Sports Jel­lies. They’re mul­ti­coloured, and there­fore multi-flavoured. One serv­ing (25g) sup­plies 336kJ and 79mg of sodium; There’s also a good help­ing of potas­sium ( 72mg). sweet stuff: Su­crose, glu­cose;

R10.00, en­er­ za BERRY BLAST GU’s En­ergy Chomps are the stick­i­est of the bunch, and tasted vaguely like the com­pany’s sports drink mixes. That’s not a bad thing, as the mild, blue­berry/pome­gran­ate flavours are a big hit with those who use GU. Each 753kJ pack has 100mg of sodium; three of the seven flavours pro­vide a dose of caf­feine. sweet stuff: Mal­todex­trin, su­gar, tapi­oca syrup; R40.00, guen­ EN­ERGY SHOT The tex­ture of 32Gi Chews is like real jelly. Easy to chew and eat, so they won’t ham­per your breath­ing; but the lack of flavour may put some off. A 50g pack de­liv­ers 568kJ and 62mg of sodium. sweet stuff: Glu­cose, fruc­tose;


CIT­RUS SNAP Bio­plus Bio-Jel­lies are squishy, and the taste hits the spot with­out put­ting you or your stom­ach off. They pack few nu­tri­ents, but one 75g pack does con­tain 1 083kJ, for the per­fect kick be­fore a big climb. sweet stuff: Glu­cose, su­gar; R10.95, bio­ za ROLL ON May­nards Orig­i­nal Wine Gums are a sta­ple, and we wouldn’t get away with writ­ing this ar­ti­cle with­out them. We all know what they taste and chew like (shame on you if you don’t), but the kick comes from 711kJ ex­tracted from 31g of com­plex carbs. There’s also a healthy dose of pro­tein ( 3.1g), which will help you re­cover on the go. sweet stuff: Glu­cose syrup, su­gar; R5.95, tiger­

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