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Per­form six to 12 su­per- short sprints, work­ing on good form: Hands in drops, el­bows bent, and butt back over or on the sad­dle to keep your weight cen­tred over the bike. Ver­heul sug­gests that you keep train­ing sprints to 10 sec­onds – roughly 15 to 20 pedal strokes, which is eas­ier to count; that way, you don’t build up lac­tate. Take two to three min­utes to re­cover be­tween each sprint, to let you fully recharge ATP ( your mus­cles’ turbo fuel) and hit top power ev­ery time.

Try start­ing in dif­fer­ent gears; try some seated, to sit and spin; try some stand­ing; and per­form some where you stand to ac­cel­er­ate for 10 pedal strokes, and then sit to spin it out.

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