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Bicycling (South Africa) - - INSIDE! -

Bi­cy­cling staff share their, er, unique meth­ods for beat­ing the heat this sum­mer – plus: the sim­plest cool­ing smoothie ever.

BE­FORE YOU ROLL OUT “Drape a long sock filled with ice around your neck,” says me­chanic Joël Nankman.

If you’re us­ing sun sleeves (sum­mer-weight arm warm­ers, which pro­tect you from UV rays as well as – or bet­ter than – sun­screen), wet them for ex­tra cool­ing pow­ers, says con­tribut­ing writer Joe Lind­sey. And wear light­coloured shoes, he says: “They re­flect more sun­light and don’t feel as hot as darker gear.”

ON THE GO “Don’t stress about the heat – it’ll make you hot­ter,” says on­line con­trib­u­tor Ly­dia Tan­ner.

“I shoot ice wa­ter through the top- back vents of my hel­met,” says con­tribut­ing writer Se­lene Yea­ger. “It seeps down my neck with­out run­ning into my eyes.”

When all else fails, says staff writer Caitlin Gid­dings, “Stop for a smoothie!”

POST- RIDE Ramp down grad­u­ally, says on­line writer James Hart. “An easy outand- back down your street can help you cool off so you’re not a sop­ping mess once you get in­side. Once you get past the feel­ing you’re go­ing to die, it’s amaz­ing.”

“I lie down in the shade in a park­ing lot af­ter a hot ride,” says on­line gear writer Tay­lor Ro­jek. “Park­ing- lot con­crete stays nice and cool.”

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