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Grant Der­rick, Edi­tor of Brides Essence caught up with Pro­fes­sor Tim Noakes to find out more about the LCHF diet that is cur­rently the buzz. We also re­view his lat­est book The Real Meal Revo­lu­tion. Here is the in­ter­view.

It is be­lieved that the Scots con­sumed oats. What were the ef­fects on their health?

Prof. Noakes: His­tor­i­cally the Scots in­cluded a great deal of oat­meal in their di­ets. It was the ma­jor car­bo­hy­drate in their diet. Apart from this they ate protein and fat. The Swiss only ate rye which they grew and milled them­selves.

The fa­mous Cana­dian den­tist Dr We­ston Price in 1930’s no­ticed that the chil­dren he was treat­ing in Toronto had mal­formed mouths and den­tal caries and so he re­alised that a novel den­tal prob­lem was de­vel­op­ing and he won­dered if it was re­lated to changes in their nu­tri­tion. For 10 years he trav­elled around the world and vis­ited 14 coun­tries to de­ter­mine what was the health of those pop­u­la­tions that con­tin­ued to eat their tra­di­tional foods and avoided the mod­ern in­dus­trial diet, which al­ready then was be­com­ing full of su­gar and re­fined flour.

In Switzer­land he found a group of people that had been iso­lated for 1000s of years. All they ate was meat, milk and cheese from their cat­tle which grazed on the most nu­tri­tious alpine spring grasses. This group of people was the health­i­est that he had en­coun­tered in his 10 years of search­ing. They had none of the chronic dis­eases that are our mod­ern scourge and no den­tal caries. Ob­vi­ously once ac­cess was gained to this group, for­eign foods were in­tro­duced and so their health be­gan to de­te­ri­o­rate.

by Grant Der­rick

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