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About 14 years ago, Kathleen Quil­li­nan – an opera singer at the time – be­gan sell­ing fresh sauces made in her home kitchen, as a cre­ative way to fund her singing ca­reer.

Pesto was quite new to South African palates back then, and people were thrilled to dis­cover the fresh flavour, re­veal­ing to Kathleen that it was pos­si­ble to cre­ate a busi­ness with pesto as the sig­na­ture prod­uct. And so it came to be that she laid her singing ca­reer to rest and be­gan a new ad­ven­ture, with plenty of its own the­atri­cal­ity!

With the sup­port of loyal fans over the last 14 years, Pesto Princess has weath­ered the chal­leng­ing jour­ney from mar­ket to su­per­mar­ket, and to­day continues to nour­ish, com­fort and de­light people through food.

Where did the quirky name come from?

At a mar­ket in the early days, some­one asked Kathleen what her com­pany’s name was. The truth of the mat­ter was, it did not even have a name. Be­ing a per­former, Kathleen was used to im­pro­vis­ing, and of­fered the first name that came into her head: Pesto Princess.

Kathleen Quil­li­nan

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