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The African Ex­tracts Rooi­bos range of Skin and Body Care prod­ucts is a South African suc­cess story, with many of its prod­ucts among the top sell­ers in their cat­e­gories.

Now African Ex­tracts launches Herbal Ex­tract Sham­poo and Con­di­tioner. With so many choices on the mar­ket, the ques­tion is why? The an­swer is sim­ple – be­cause people who have tried them rave about them. For sev­eral years the prod­ucts have been in­cluded in our trial-size and travel body-care packs. Grow­ing de­mand for them has prompted the launch of full­size prod­ucts.

African Ex­tracts Herbal Sham­poo has our patented Rooi­bos ex­tract and is en­riched with Tea Tree Oil and Wheat Germ Oil. Rooi­bos is well known for its anti-ox­i­dant prop­er­ties, while Tea Tree Oil has an­ti­fun­gal and anti-bac­te­rial prop­er­ties for healthy hair and scalp. Wheat Germ Oil is an ex­cel­lent emol­lient, re­liev­ing dry­ness and adding soft­ness to the hair. It gen­tly cleanses with­out strip­ping the hair of nat­u­ral oils and is ideal for ev­ery-day use.

African Ex­tracts Herbal Con­di­tioner con­tains nat­u­ral herbal ex­tracts like Rooi­bos, which acts as a pow­er­ful an­tiox­i­dant to pro­tect the hair against en­vi­ron­men­tal stress and pol­lu­tants. Sea­weed ex­tracts pro­vide a wide va­ri­ety of vi­ta­mins, min­er­als and amino acids to strengthen hair and im­prove strength and elas­tic­ity. Grape Seed Oil is in­cluded for its abil­ity to ab­sorb quickly and mois­turise with­out adding weight to the hair.

The Re­views:


What a lov­ley sham­poo and con­di­tioner, I have re­ally en­joyed us­ing it. The con­di­tioner re­ally makes my hair so soft and easy to brush. My daugh­ter has a very sen­sitve head and af­ter us­ing the African Ex­tracts con­di­tioner she doesn’t cry be­cause of the knots in her hair. It has a won­der­ful rooi­bos fra­grance, you feel fresh af­ter us­ing this prod­uct.


‘Good day. I bought a gift pack that con­tained a sham­poo from your range. Where can I buy this prod­uct? It is truly amaz­ing!’


‘I was given a sam­ple bot­tle of African Ex­tracts Rooi­bos sham­poo, and it was the best sham­poo I have ever used. I have curly, frizz-nightmare hair. Other sham­poos strip my hair of nat­u­ral oil. The lit­tle bot­tle is fin­ished, and I can­not find the sham­poo any­where (not for love or money). Please help’.


‘Don’t you have the sham­poo in big­ger bot­tles than the ones that are in the trav­el­ling size packs? My daugh­ter has cra­dle cap and I would like to get big­ger sizes as it is work­ing for her.’

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