Wed­ding day emer­gency kit check list

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❑ Nee­dle and white thread

❑ Nu­mer­ous safety pins

❑ Hair pins

❑ Superglue for emer­gency nail re­pair and many other uses too

❑ Spray deodor­ant and anti-per­spi­rant roll-on or stick

❑ Bot­tle soda wa­ter ( club soda )

❑ Emer­gency zit treat­ment

❑ White chalk or baby pow­der

❑ Fast act­ing as­pirin or painkiller of your choice

❑ Ap­ple or some crack­ers

❑ Chew­able antacid

❑ Roll of mask­ing tape ( helps with emer­gency dress re­pairs and bou­quet mak­ing ) – can also be used to si­lence snor­ing guests and rau­cous chil­dren ( only jok­ing about the last 2 uses……or am I?)

❑ 1 set of spare rings ( get some cheap rings as a back-up set )

❑ Tis­sues

❑ Lip­stick, base, mas­cara and other beau­ti­fi­ca­tion para­pher­na­lia.

❑ Tooth­pick

❑ Breath­mints, Tic-Tacs™ or gum

❑ Scis­sors for trim­ming, snip­ping, sev­er­ing, neu­ter­ing – as you may need.

❑ Fold up fan

❑ Ipod and USB ca­ble with your favourite mu­sic loaded (just in case)

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