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On your big day, you want an all round healthy glow. Tak­ing time to ac­tu­ally get a tan is just not fea­si­ble with the con­straints of mod­ern liv­ing, not to men­tion the health fac­tor. Sure you can go to a sa­lon to get that spritz of bronze, but those of­ten turn into dis­as­ter sto­ries that haunt your wed­ding al­bum for an eter­nity. So what is a girl to do? Well to put it sim­ply, you can fake it and you can do it in the com­fort of your own home.

First gen­er­a­tion self-tan prod­ucts quickly earned them­selves a stigma for only end­ing in dis­as­ter leav­ing women with an un­nat­u­ral or­ange glow that of­ten re­sulted in night­mares in­stead of dreams. Their rep­u­ta­tions for be­ing a smelly, sticky and of­ten stripy mess were enough to strike fear into any blush­ing bride to be. But, rest as­sured, self tan­ning prod­ucts have changed dras­ti­cally over the past few years. The next gen­er­a­tion in self tan­ning of­fers a so­lu­tion that is odour­less without any worry of streaks and that dreaded car­rot look.

Be­ing a fair skinned girl my­self, I of­ten in­dulge in a lit­tle quick-fix bronz­ing. Af­ter years of ex­per­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent prod­ucts and count­less let downs, I fi­nally found a prod­uct that worked. If you

are like me and you like a good qual­ity prod­uct that re­sults in less main­te­nance, then Caribbean Tan is for you. I have been us­ing this for the last year or so and I have never been dis­ap­pointed. I have yet to ex­pe­ri­ence any ac­ci­den­tal streaks.

What makes Caribbean Tan so great is that it does not try to en­com­pass all tan­ning el­e­ments into one bot­tle like older brands do. There is a range of prod­ucts which help you be­come the Greek god­dess you en­vi­sion in your fan­tasies. The big­gest bonus of this prod­uct is that you do not have to worry about ap­ply­ing less in trou­ble­some ar­eas like el­bows and knees. So to help you ac­com­plish the amaz­ing bronze hue you hope to have on your big day, I have com­piled a two week ac­tion plan.

Prac­tice Makes Per­fect

First off, just like with makeup and hair for your wed­ding day, you must first test the fi­nal look be­fore ac­tu­ally go­ing through with the ul­ti­mate step. Test the fol­low­ing process two weeks be­fore you skip down the aisle.

Prep­ping For The Big Kahuna

Prep­ping is cru­cial and key to the suc­cess of the end re­sult. Wax­ing and shav­ing should be done 24 hours be­fore

to en­able pores to close. If you plan on hav­ing a fa­cial for the big day, make sure to do this one week be­fore you start your fi­nal tan­ning process so that your fa­cial skin can set­tle down. The first rule of self tan­ning is ex­fo­li­a­tion. If you want a smooth tan all over then start scrub­bing. The Caribbean Tan Ex­fo­lia preps your skin for the colour­ing task ahead. Spe­cially for­mu­lated ingredients in this ex­fo­lia­tor stim­u­late the skin to make the tan­ning process mesh eas­ier. Fo­cus on rough and hard- tore­ach ar­eas like el­bows, knees and armpits. Blon­des and fair­heads should al­ways ap­ply Vase­line around the hair­line and eye­brows to avoid colour build-up on the edges of the hair fol­li­cle.


Depend­ing on your skin type you will ei­ther go for A which is for fair skin, B for medium skin that tans grad­u­ally or C for dark skin that tans eas­ily. You have a choice be­tween in­stant tan and grad­ual tan for each skin type. I highly rec­om­mend us­ing the grad­ual op­tion for be­gin­ners so you can see changes in colour in­cre­men­tally over a few days as op­posed to the fi­nal re­sult once off. Don’t be too ea­ger to get the de­sired effect im­me­di­ately. Grad­ual of­fers you the con­trol of shad­ing un­til you find the per­fect hue. Once you have es­tab­lished whether you are A, B or C and have de­cided on how fast you want your tan to de­velop, you have the op­tion of ei­ther tan in a can, a spritzer or a mousse. I rec­om­mend the tan in a can for that pro­fes­sional sa­lon look.

Bear in mind that self tan and paint­ing have pretty much the same rules. Gen­tly wipe

the prod­uct in long ver­ti­cal move­ments. Avoid cir­cu­lar rub­bing. Start with your legs and feet. Gen­tly spray the prod­uct onto your legs and work down­wards to­wards your feet in thor­ough ver­ti­cal mo­tions. When fo­cus­ing on the feet and an­kles, use a large bronz­ing makeup brush to sweep the dif­fi­cult ar­eas on your feet and an­kles. The paint­ing ac­tion helps to smooth out any pos­si­ble mis­takes and avoids colour cling­ing.

When your legs and feet are cov­ered, move up to­wards the up­per half of your body, bear­ing in mind to wipe in be­tween folds. If you can­not reach your back, ask some­one to as­sist you. You might get smears on your back if you aim­lessly rub and miss spots where you can­not reach. Pay spe­cial at­ten­tion to the sec­tions un­der your arms. These are of­ten over­looked. Once you have fin­ished with the tan in a can, re­peat two days af­ter and once again two days af­ter that if you de­sire a darker look.


Make sure not to dive into the tub or pool for at least 6 hours af­ter ap­pli­ca­tion. Af­ter ap­ply­ing the first coat, be sure to mois­tur­ize with the Caribbean Tan x-ten­der body but­ter daily, to lock in the colour and mois­ture. Use the Caribbean Tan wipes to add colour to ar­eas that are fad­ing or are un­even. To main­tain your tan try to stick to cool show­ers and when dry­ing your­self off, fo­cus on dab­bing your skin with the towel in­stead of rub­bing.

If you use any other mois­turiser, make sure that it is oil free. Try not to stay in the pool or ocean for too long since your tan will start to dis­solve. Fi­nally ap­ply the Caribbean Tan shim­mer cream be­fore a big night out and most def­i­nitely on the big day. It will just add that fi­nal sparkle to your day.

Re­tail Prod­ucts – prices from: Tan in a Can - In­stant/Grad­ual colour - R84.95 Tan­ning Spritzer - In­stant colour - R84.95 Tan­ning Mousse - Grad­ual colour - R84.95 Tinted Mois­turiser - R64.95 Wipes - R44.95 Pre-Tan Prod­ucts Body Ex­fo­lia - R44.95 Tan Ex­ten­der Prod­ucts Mois­tur­is­ing Shim­mer Cream - R44.95 In­tense Body But­ter - R44.95 We give this prod­uct a

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