Hon­ey­moon Jet-Lag Blues

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Ahhh…, you’re fi­nally on your flight to your ex­otic hon­ey­moon lo­ca­tion. Lay back and just al­low the time to flit by. What you don’t al­ways think of is what hap­pens when your plane lands and you find your­selves in a very dif­fer­ent time zone? Jet­lag can rob you of one or more days of your trip and wreak havoc with your body. This is hardly what you need when you are just get­ting to spend qual­ity time with you new spouse. What is jet lag? Your body takes time to catch up to the change in time zones. Al­though your brain sees that it is get­ting dark, your body may think it is noon, or the sun may be com­ing up and your body is telling you to go to bed. You can ex­pe­ri­ence sleepi­ness dur­ing the day and in­som­nia at night. You may even suf­fer symp­toms such as con­fu­sion, hunger at odd times, loss of ap­petite, con­fu­sion and hin­dered con­cen­tra­tion. To top it all, you will more than likely be some­what ir­ri­ta­ble for at least a day or two. • Don’t fret, there are some things you can do to re­duce the ef­fects of jet lag. • Most im­por­tant of all, make sure that all your af­fairs are in or­der. Make a check­list and check and dou­ble check it way be­fore you get to the air­port. Plan your trip so that you ar­rive at the air­port with plenty of time to spare. This way you will not be stressed about things that you can con­trol. Any­one who has ever flown knows that there can be stress enough with­out all the ex­tra avoid­able prob­lems. Be­ing re­laxed and calm is tan­ta­mount to cop­ing with the pos­si­ble ef­fects of jet­lag. If you are highly strung, it may be help­ful to take some­thing herbal to keep you tran­quil.

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