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So you have been in­vited to the wed­ding. What do you buy for the cou­ple that will re­mind them of you and also be a bless­ing for many years to come? Many cou­ples choose a gift-reg­istry ser­vice with a chain store or the like but what if you would like to give them some­thing dif­fer­ent or if there is no wed­ding reg­istry? It can be dif­fi­cult to se­lect the per­fect item for so many rea­sons. Se­lect­ing a gift from a pre­de­ter­mined list can also be sucky as it lacks that per­sonal touch and re­quires very lit­tle thought and imag­i­na­tion. I sup­pose it mainly hinges on your bud­get too. Do bear in mind that “cheap” gifts are a big NO and will be a thorn rather than a bless­ing.

Here are some ideas that will never fail :

Crock­ery, Cut­lery and Glass­ware :

The kitchen is one of the most fre­quented rooms in most homes. A unique but func­tional item of crock­ery such as a de­signer salt and pep­per cel­lar, salad bowl or plat­ter or even a set will be some­thing that a cou­ple will cher­ish for a long time. They will re­mem­ber you fondly when­ever they use it. Think heir­loom (some­thing they can pass on to their chil­dren) and you will not go wrong. Things such as cake lifters, salad spoons, a cheese board set or a classy cut­lery set are def­i­nitely in this cat­e­gory. Lead crys­tal glass­ware makes for a stylish gift. Another won­der­ful idea

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