Cape Argus - - LIFE -

With the help of the Across clues only, can you fit the 25 pieces into their cor­rect po­si­tions in the empty grid (which, when com­pleted, will ex­hibit a sym­met­ri­cal pat­tern)?


1 Wore down • Fool­ish, id­i­otic

3 Bal­let step • Ad­min­is­ter, carry out • Es­tu­ary fish

5 Be­fore the ex­pected time • Au­thor­ity to mar­ket a prod­uct

7 Amass, build up • Mem­ber of the clergy rank­ing lower than a priest

8 Run­ner for slid­ing on snow

9 Shell crea­ture that clings to rocks • Coun­try’s song

11 In a petu­lant way • Be­yond the bounds of what is usual

13 Ben­e­fit, ser­vice • Not present when ex­pected to be • Grow older

15 Mak­ing im­per­ti­nent en­quiries • Bio­chem­i­cal sub­stance which acts as a cat­a­lyst

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