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THE sad thing about ser­vice de­liv­ery protests across the coun­try is they are cut­ting off their noses to spite their faces!!!

Ev­ery time there is a protest there is loot­ing, ar­son, may­hem, steal­ing. The list goes on. In the Hout Bay protests tourists were caught up in the mêlée, with po­lice fir­ing rub­ber bul­lets at ran­dom.

Tourism plays a big part in the econ­omy of Hout Bay, em­ploy­ing many from the Hang­berg area, so as the Mariners Wharf di­rec­tor said, it sim­ply doesn’t make sense. What does loot­ing and burning have to do with their griev­ances? It just makes peo­ple harden their at­ti­tudes against the pro­test­ers.

The CPUT has sus­pended all ac­tiv­i­ties on its cam­pus due to vi­o­lent protests that in­cluded the torch­ing of an in­dus­trial de­sign work­shop. Here we go again. Just be­fore ex­ams there is chaos and the ar­son at the work­shop is go­ing to cost the univer­sity money they just don’t have. How can one stop this?

I read nine pupils have been ar­rested on ar­son and theft charges at Esokheni High School near Grey­town. They were, wait for it!! de­mand­ing the build­ing of a new school and said they must be pro­vided with trans­port. I un­der­stand th­ese griev­ances, but where do they think the money will come from now they have burnt school prop­erty. They also stole all sorts of things from their school that are needed for teach­ing. So once again, it doesn’t make sense.

There need to be much stricter mea­sures taken against the loot­ers and ar­son­ists to show them zero tol­er­ance of this be­hav­iour. Stu­dents caught burning univer­sity prop­erty or school prop­erty don’t have the right to con­tinue their stud­ies – they must have the book thrown at them. Have they not learnt that you catch more with honey than with acid? We would have so much sym­pa­thy for them if they protested in a civilised man­ner. But sadly that is not the way in South Africa to­day, and I must say I don’t hold my breath any­thing will change. Bar­bie San­dler Clare­mont

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