The small­est mem­ber of Audi’s Q fam­ily makes a big state­ment

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R529 500

C9,09 sec 110 kw/250 N.m 212 km/h AR ad­ver­tise­ments are of­ten a demon­stra­tive stretch. You can’t help but chuckle when a hum­drum sedan is likened to a ghter jet, or when the climb­ing gear-clad lifestylers rap­pel down a cliff to the com­pact SUV that will in­evitably re­main town-bound and more likely packed with mewl­ing off­spring than moun­tain-climb­ing kit.

So, when the Audi Q2’s ad cam­paign, com­plete with such hash­tagged Gen­er­a­tion Y-isms as #hip­ster and #thuglife, saw Audi’s new­comer to the com­pact, pre­mium-cross­over fold la­belled #un­tag­gable, there was bound to be a spot of eye-rolling. But there is a ker­nel of truth be­hind the mar­ket­ing tagline; this dis­tinc­tive lit­tle car is rather dif cult to pi­geon­hole.

At a glance, the Q2, al­though neat, looks like stan­dard pre­mium-cross­over fare, but it’s ac­tu­ally one of those cars that you have to en­counter in the metal to really ap­pre­ci­ate the de­tails. The amal­gam of crys­talline, sharp creases and sheet­metal that bil­lows on the bon­net and cinches neatly on the anks com­bine with a pseudo-suv stance to give the Q2 the req­ui­site pur­pose­ful chunk­i­ness that ap­peals to the cross­over crowd. But it is those neat touches, such as the ridged brake­lamp lenses and metal­lic nished C-pil­lars, which doff a cap to the R8, that really add to the Q2’s sense of oc­ca­sion.

There’s also that typ­i­cal Audi sense of so­lid­ity and high per­ceived qual­ity in the Q2’s cabin, but small el­e­ments such as door

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