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The sys­tem has a mix of steel pip­ing with high and low pres­sure rub­ber hoses. The rub­ber will even­tu­ally per­ish and leak. Ob­vi­ous clues are pud­dles un­der the car and dif­fi­culty with steer­ing ef­fort. If you sus­pect leak­age, look un­derneath the front of the car for a pool of fluid. Do not con­tinue driv­ing the car, be­cause you could dam­age the pump. Re­plac­ing the pump is ex­pen­sive, but re­con­di­tion­ing might be a more cost­ef­fec­tive pos­si­bil­ity.

It’s best to con­tact hy­draulic-sys­tem spe­cial­ists if you have a prob­lem, as they will know the sys­tems back­wards and hope­fully will of­fer ef­fi­cient ser­vice with­out go­ing through mid­dle­men or deal­ers who, lack­ing the nec­es­sary test­ing equip­ment, will merely pass the car on to the ex­perts.

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