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Can you please ex­plain why most SUVS have tinted rear win­dows, but with the front win­dows hav­ing no tint at all? Who thought of this? Why is it con­sid­ered at­trac­tive or prac­ti­cal? Maybe there are rea­sons like: most of the time chil­dren are in the back and it’s ac­tu­ally smash-and-grab pro­tec­tion?

I’m sorry for sound­ing mis­er­able, but I couldn’t help notic­ing the BMW on page 44 of the De­cem­ber is­sue 2017 with the same look. Maybe I’ll write to you again in three years’ time telling you how bril­liant it is hav­ing your back win­dows darker for the kids and stuff.

I love cars and I still have my rst is­sue CAR mag­a­zine bought in 1987. MANIE NIEUWENHUIS By email

[There are a cou­ple of rea­sons, Manie. Yes, se­cu­rity is one, but most im­por­tantly the law stip­u­lates the per­cent­age of tint on the wind­screen and front-side win­dows so that the driver has clear vis­i­bil­ity. Rear win­dows can be darker – edi­tor.]

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