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I own a 2010 Honda CR-V 2,2 I-DTEC with 180 000 km on the odo. The ve­hi­cle gave us good ser­vice un­til now, but has re­cently de­vel­oped a driv­e­train vi­bra­tion. It is most preva­lent at 110 km/h and un­der load. It is not linked to en­gine speed and can hap­pen in a cou­ple of gears. The vi­bra­tion is felt through­out the en­tire body of the ve­hi­cle, mostly on the pas­sen­ger side. I have bal­anced the wheels with­out any suc­cess. Please help me iden­tify the prob­lem. J FERREIRA Som­er­set West

As the vi­bra­tion is linked to ve­hi­cle speed only, it is safe to as­sume that the ori­gin of the vi­bra­tion comes from a com­po­nent also linked to the speed of the ve­hi­cle’s wheels. The tyre bal­ance is of­ten to blame, but in such a case the vi­bra­tion is felt through the steer­ing wheel if it is on the front wheels and you have al­ready checked the bal­ance. A clue is the fact that it oc­curs un­der load, which points to ei­ther bro­ken or dam­aged en­gine or gear­box mount­ings, or a CV shaft that is on the way out. As the vi­bra­tion is felt more on the one side of the ve­hi­cle, the lat­ter cause is most likely.

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