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See­ing that you are in the game of ac­cu­rately test­ing fuel con­sump­tion, among other things, I can­not be­lieve that you ac­tu­ally pub­lished Day­alan Pil­lay’s “Fuel-ef­fi­cient Suzuki Swift” letter about fuel con­sump­tion fig­ures in your July is­sue.

He fills the tank to three-quar­ters and never lets it get be­low a quar­ter, and on the strength of that he gets 6,6 L/100 km? We all know how in­ac­cu­rate fuel gauges are and how the top half of a tank is big­ger than the bot­tom half. Is his ig­ni­tion al­ways on while fill­ing? Maybe his en­gine is run­ning, too? He could eas­ily be five litres ei­ther side of three-quar­ters, or if he is out­side the car er­ror of par­al­lax could skew his view of the nee­dle. I doubt very much the “float would go faulty” if he used all the fuel in the tank.

As for driv­ing style, it’s ev­ery per­son’s own thing; if switch­ing off the air-con at ev­ery hill is his, so be it. I as­sume, then, he had a hot and sweaty jour­ney from Dur­ban to Har­ri­smith with­out air­con as it is up­hill most of the way. My car also slows down when I take my foot off the ac­cel­er­a­tor.

His oil was warm within 10 min­utes of him start­ing the jour­ney. If it took two hours to warm up, he best take it to a dealer ASAP as he has a se­ri­ous lu­bri­ca­tion prob­lem. The oil tem­per­a­ture has noth­ing to do with the “ex­tra” power, or the sud­den im­prove­ment in fuel con­sump­tion. It is more likely the ex­tra oxy­gen and in­crease in at­mo­spheric pres­sure that ac­counted for the more lively per­for­mance. As for fuel con­sump­tion, these are in­ac­cu­rate fig­ures con­sid­er­ing his modus operandi of cal­cu­lat­ing these. Ob­vi­ously he is a cau­tious driver, so I com­mend him for that.


[We en­joy pub­lish­ing let­ters from CAR read­ers who show pas­sion and en­thu­si­asm for their cars, Peter. Like Day­alan’s, yours is a case in point – ed­i­tor.]

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