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Mot­latsi writes:

I have come across a busi­ness called Round Fund, which I found on a mar­ket­ing tech­nol­ogy web­site. Please ex­plain in sim­ple terms how you make money from it. City Press replies:

This web­site has all the mark­ings of a scam. It ap­pears to be an “in­vest­ment” that earns you ex­ces­sively high in­ter­est rates. In ef­fect, you get a 50% re­turn in 45 days. But then it also claims to sell bud­get­ing and bet­ting tips.

Nowhere­doe­si­t­ex­plain­how­it­makes its money or who is be­hind this busi­ness. Who would you go to if your money dis­ap­peared?

Rather than pro­vid­ing de­tails on the busi­ness, it spends more time ex­plain­ing how to make a de­posit into their ac­count. It is also a very am­a­teur web­site.

This is very clearly a scam, so stay far away from it.

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