Dig­i­tal BURNOUT

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Bud­dhist Geek are spring­ing up to help peo­ple not only cope with their dual ex­is­tence, but also to main­tain a bal­ance.

It’s also no co­in­ci­dence that more ar­ti­cles are be­ing pub­lished about a “new” Mind­ful­ness Move­ment that helps peo­ple to stay present.

Mind­ful­ness is not new. It is a Bud­dhist prac­tice that is thou­sands of years old, but is iron­i­cally be­com­ing an im­por­tant life skill in the dig­i­tal age.

One of the most pop­u­lar mind­ful­ness ex­er­cises is eat­ing a sin­gle raisin in six slow steps – from ob­serv­ing it (as you would if you were an alien visi­tor), to smelling it, feel­ing its con­tours, rolling it in your mouth, and only then bit­ing and tast­ing it.

This may sound ab­surd to many, but for those who have tried it, they will tell you how sur­pris­ingly dif­fi­cult it has be­come to fo­cus on a sin­gle task. It is the lost art of om­ni­task­ing.

Test your­self. Try fo­cus­ing in­tently on just one ac­tiv­ity for a few min­utes. If you can’t, you’re prob­a­bly a can­di­date for dig­i­tal burnout.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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