In­sane This flick is ba­si­cally

CityPress - - T# - Film: Direc­tor: Star­ring: Scar­lett Jo­hans­son morphs into an un­blink­ing an­gel of vengeance who evolves be­yond hu­man logic Scar­lett Jo­hans­son, Mor­gan Free­man

Lucy, with Scar­lett Jo­hans­son, Choi Min-sik (best known for his role in Old­boy) and Mor­gan Free­man as Pro­fes­sor Nor­man, seems like Luc Bes­son at­tempt­ing to re­make Stan­ley Kubrick’s 2001; only with more ScarJo and less slow-dock­ing space ships. Tack­ling weighty is­sues like the mean­ing of life with slinky out­fits and pow­er­ful weapons, Lucy has the sen­si­bil­ity of Ni­et­zsche – had he been into PlayS­ta­tion and Ri­talin.

The film takes in cow­boy-hat­ted sleazy boyfriends, Mor­gan Free­man-nar­rated sci­en­tific mumbo jumbo, the odd in­ter­cut­ting of na­ture footage, zany count­downs, car­toon vil­lains, time travel and di­nosaurs. It cul­mi­nates in yet an­other cin­e­matic ScarJo tran­scend­ing the phys­i­cal body cli­max. Lucy is just so ba­si­cally in­sane that it tries to present us with the very mean­ing of life with­out stop­ping once to pre­tend that any of this makes any sense what­so­ever.

The plot fol­lows fe­male hero Lucy, who is Lucy

Luc Bes­son tricked by what seems to be a one-night stand into drop­ping off some top-se­cret experimental drugs to a mil­i­tary in­dus­trial drug car­tel run by Mr Jang. Jang sews the drugs into Lucy’s ab­domen to use her as a mule. But one of the bad guys kicks her in the stom­ach and the drug bag bursts. Be­cause the drugs are so experimental no one knows what ef­fects they will have.

So, at the same time as the pro­fes­sor is de­liv­er­ing a lec­ture some­where in Paris on the fact that hu­mans only use 10% of their brain power, Lucy’s brain use in­creases and she de­vel­ops su­per­pow­ers – she can lev­i­tate and has su­per­strength and re­call.

Cue fight se­quences, bod­ies turn­ing into par­ti­cles, ex­tra hands, ten­ta­cles and epic car chases as she makes her way across the globe to (you guessed it) Paris to try to re­cover the rest of the drugs to stop peo­ple from tak­ing them be­cause they are ob­vi­ously bad for you.

Lucy is un­hinged enough to ac­tu­ally work and the ac­tion se­quences suc­cess­fully oblit­er­ate the no­tion of it be­ing any­thing more than el­e­gant vi­o­lence in which ScarJo gains om­nipres­ence over the en­tire hu­man race ... again.


EX­IS­TEN­TIAL DILEMMA Scar­lett Jo­hans­son and Mor­gan Free­man team up to pon­der the mean­ing of life

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