CityPress - - T# - GRETHE KOEN grethe.koen@city­press.co.za The White Folks (from left): Carien and Linda, Nandz, Chantelle, Wayne and Arnold, and neigh­bours Ferdi, Ni­co­lette and Mau­ritz Johnny Depp

In a sub­tle, smart and hi­lar­i­ous way, new lo­cal weekly web se­ries The White Folks packs se­ri­ous so­ciopo­lit­i­cal com­men­tary into short, four- to seven-minute mock­u­men­tary-style episodes.

Cre­ated by and star­ring the funny Lisa Lane Dren­nan and Mia Cil­liers, the show fol­lows white peo­ple – namely the White fam­ily and their neigh­bours – as they nav­i­gate their mid­dle class, subur­ban bub­bles in Plat­tek­loof, Cape Town.

Chantelle, ma­tri­arch of the White fam­ily, is a self-de­scribed “home ex­ec­u­tive”, con­stantly strug­gling to stick to her Pa­leo Diet. Her hus­band, Wayne, has a garage full of signed Spring­bok shirts and longs for his days as a rugby player. Their son, Arnold, is a wannabe dee­jay. He has a R2 000 pair of head­phones, but they hurt his ears so he’s just go­ing to drape them over his shoul­ders when he dee­jays be­cause that looks cool.

Nandipha is the White fam­ily’s do­mes­tic worker. Chantelle calls her “Nandz”. Nandipha de­scribes Chantelle as “needy” and sus­pects she has an an­ti­so­cial dis­or­der. But Chantelle re­ally does her bit for poor peo­ple – like she shared a video of a Kenyan boy three times on Face­book and signed two pe­ti­tions to get clean wa­ter to poor black peo­ple or some­thing. She would never do­nate though, ’cos you never know, they could just clean out her ac­count.

Across the street are neigh­bours Ni­co­lette, Ferdi and Mau­ritz Roos. Ni­co­lette is the new step­mum, but step­son Mau­ritz thinks she can just “go suck a d***”. Ni­co­lette has lots of prob­lems. She’s on a gluten­free diet and Ferdi always for­gets to get her the gluten-free Kauai wrap. Of­ten, when the gar­dener comes around, she has to get dressed so he doesn’t think she lays around all day, which she to­tally does not do.

Mau­ritz is “mates” with Arnold, but only out­side school – be­cause at school Arnold is a bit of a loser. Nandz re­cently al­most caught Arnold and Mau­ritz smok­ing in the Whites’ gar­den.

Mau­ritz said to Arnold that if she told his par­ents he would just tell them that Nandz steals, but Arnold re­as­sured him Nandz wouldn’t do that be­cause “she’s one of us bru, she’s from the streets”.

Mau­ritz comes up with some stel­lar nuggets of wis­dom like: “You know poor peo­ple. Like, from Africa or what­ever. I was ac­tu­ally think­ing, like they’re so lucky they don’t have in­ter­net. Like ac­tu­ally, it’s a bless­ing in dis­guise. ’Cos I’d rather not have in­ter­net than have to wait for a video to buf­fer. It’s ridicu­lous.”

The sec­ond sea­son de­buts on Septem­ber 24, where we will meet in­ter­ra­cial cou­ple Carien du Toit and Linda Maqokolo. Bring it.

Watch The White Folks on YouTube and fol­low them on Twit­ter @TheWhiteFolks Watch the trailer and more on your phone by down­load­ing Zap­par from your app store and scan­ning the thun­der­bolt icon on this page


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