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Fyn­bos thicket mo­saic

Mesic suc­cu­lent thicket

Xeric suc­cu­lent thicket


The Knysna Lourie found in Bavi­aan­skloof has been clas­si­fied as a species of its own The Cape Floris­tic Re­gion is one of eight World Her­itage Sites in SA In 2004, the Cape Flo­ral Re­gion Pro­tected Ar­eas were in­scribed as a World Her­itage Site. The site in­cludes eight rep­re­sen­ta­tive pro­tected ar­eas: 1 Ta­ble Moun­tain Na­tional Park 2 Ceder­berg Wilder­ness Area 3 Groot Win­ter­hoek Wilder­ness Area 4 Boland Moun­tain Com­plex (Limi­et­berg Na­ture Re­serve, Jonker­shoek Na­ture Re­serve, Assegaai­bosch Na­ture Re­serve, Hot­ten­tots Hol­land Na­ture Re­serve, Ko­gel­berg Na­ture Re­serve) De Hoop Na­ture Re­serve Boos­mans­bos Wilder­ness Area Swart­berg Com­plex (Swart­berg Na­ture Re­serve, Gamkapoort Na­ture Re­serve, Tow­erkop Na­ture Re­serve) Bavi­aan­skloof Mega Re­serve





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