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Most of the re­gion is cov­ered with fyn­bos, a scle­ro­phyl­lous shrub­land oc­cur­ring on acid sands, or nu­tri­ent-poor soils de­rived from Ta­ble Moun­tain sand­stone. Fyn­bos is home to an amaz­ing di­ver­sity of species, in­clud­ing mem­bers of the Protea fam­ily (Proteaceae), Heath fam­ily (Eri­caceae) and Reed fam­ily of restios (Res­tionaceae).

The king protea (Protea cy­naroides) is the na­tional flower of SA. It is found in south­ern fyn­bos re­gions and adapted to sur­vive wild­fires by its thick un­der­ground stem Other veg­e­ta­tion types are sand­veld, a soft coastal scrub­land found mostly on the west-fac­ing coast, on ter­tiary sands. Renos­ter­veld is a grassy shrub­land dom­i­nated by mem­bers of the daisy fam­ily (Aster­aceae), graminoids and geo­phytes, oc­cur­ring on the base-rich sha­ley soils of the coastal fore­lands

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