The project is about peo­ple who want mo­bil­ity, who want de­vel­op­ment. It is about peo­ple on the move

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Seen from Gov­ern­ment’s com­mit­ment to its peo­ple, Gau­train is not only about a train. It is about peo­ple who are proud of what their na­tion can do! Peo­ple who yearn for free­dom of move­ment! Peo­ple who hunger for up­ward mo­bil­ity! Peo­ple who are part of the de­vel­op­ment in and around them! It is about peo­ple on the move! “Gau­train is life chang­ing” was a com­ment given by one of the first pas­sen­gers when open­ing the route be­tween Jo­han­nes­burg and Pre­to­ria on Au­gust 2 2011.

This is ex­actly what the Gaut­eng Provin­cial Gov­ern­ment’s vi­sion is through Gau­train; for the sus­tain­able so­cio-eco­nomic, po­lit­i­cal, cul­tural, sport­ing and en­vi­ron­men­tal de­vel­op­ment of the prov­ince – a life­style change. An im­por­tant part of that vi­sion is the free­dom of move­ment for cit­i­zens through an in­te­grated, world-class pub­lic trans­port sys­tem. Gau­train rep­re­sents a crit­i­cal step in the re­al­i­sa­tion of that vi­sion.

One of the strate­gic ob­jec­tives of Gau­train, in­ter alia, is the im­prove­ment of ac­ces­si­bil­ity and mo­bil­ity in the Jo­han­nes­burgPre­to­ria cor­ri­dor. By pro­vid­ing a safe, con­ve­nient, pre­dictable and af­ford­able pub­lic trans­port sys­tem in this cor­ri­dor, Gau­train is chang­ing the per­cep­tion of pub­lic trans­port in South Africa. This will hope­fully per­suade car users to swap con­gested roads for the speed and com­fort of Gau­train.

Whilst achiev­ing other strate­gic goals, Gau­train has not for­got­ten about those peo­ple it is mov­ing every­day. Fares, safety and se­cu­rity and com­fort comes first to mind.

The de­ter­mined fares are based on the prin­ci­ple of af­ford­abil­ity and are highly com­pet­i­tive com­pared to other modes of pub­lic trans­port. They are suf­fi­ciently price-at­trac­tive to cre­ate a sub­stan­tial shift from pri­vate car use to pub­lic trans­port in the form of Gau­train.

Gau­train is not com­pet­ing with other modes of pub­lic trans­port, such as taxis and buses, which all have an im­por­tant role to play in the to­tal trans­port sys­tem. There­fore, a lower limit, which is more ex­pen­sive than the other ex­ist­ing modes of pub­lic trans­port, was set for the Gau­train fares.

Gau­train moves com­muters each day in all di­rec­tions pro­vid­ing eco­nomic mo­bil­ity and the con­ve­nience of door-to-door com­mut­ing. The Gau­train sys­tem also com­prises a fleet of mod­ern low-en­trance and low-emis­sion buses with com­fort­able seat­ing, pro­vid­ing feeder and dis­tri­bu­tion ser­vices to and from the Gau­train sta­tions.

The mu­nic­i­pal Bus Rapid Trans­port (BRT) ser­vices are also in­te­grated with Gau­train at some of the Gau­train sta­tions. Com­muters, there­fore, will not have to ex­pe­ri­ence the same frus­tra­tions and de­lays as mo­torists as­so­ci­ated with es­ca­lat­ing traf­fic con­ges­tion.

Since the com­mence­ment of op­er­a­tions of the air­port link in June 2010, ap­prox­i­mately 41 mil­lion pas­sen­gers have used the Gau­train on both the air­port and gen­eral pas­sen­ger ser­vices. This stands as proof of the Gau­train ac­tively meet­ing gov­ern­ment’s ob­jec­tive which re­quires the ac­tive pro­mo­tion of pub­lic trans­port.

Con­tin­u­ously im­prov­ing its ser­vice con­trib­utes to com­fort and con­ve­nience of pas­sen­gers. Amongst th­ese im­prove­ments are the in­crease of fre­quency of trains, in­clud­ing more eight-car trains on the fre­quency of trains and amending bus routes to suit pas­sen­gers bet­ter.

Gau­train is more than just a train. Based in the eco­nomic heart­land of South Africa, it is one of sev­eral strate­gi­cal­ly­in­te­grated Gaut­eng Provin­cial Gov­ern­ment projects. It is aimed not only at meet­ing fu­ture trans­port de­mands and im­prov­ing the im­age of pub­lic trans­port, but also at mov­ing eco­nomic de­vel­op­ment and em­ploy­ment cre­ation up­ward.

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at shift­ing bod­ies around Gaut­eng, the Gau­train is a real boost to the prov­ince

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