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CityPress - - Careers - Treat your in­tern­ship like a real job: Whatchamacallit: Um: Per­fec­tion­ist: Ba­si­cally: I: Amaz­ing: Stuff: Ded­i­cated: Mo­ti­vated: I want to learn:

1. Do your homework and find out where you would like to in­tern. 2. Find out who heads up the HR, youth di­vi­sion or in­tern­ship pro­gramme at that par­tic­u­lar com­pany. Get their names and email ad­dresses. 3. Send a mo­ti­va­tional let­ter as to why you want an in­tern­ship – es­pe­cially at that par­tic­u­lar com­pany. 4. Pre­pare a CV – make sure that you men­tion all the sub­jects that you are ei­ther cur­rently study­ing or have stud­ied, and keep it sim­ple. 5. Make sure you check your spell­ing – there’s noth­ing worse than re­ceiv­ing doc­u­ments full of ba­sic spell­ing er­rors. 6. Be per­sis­tent! ground ex­pe­ri­ence. Al­ways ac­knowl­edge their good work and tal­ent.

If you want to be an in­tern, do your homework be­fore your in­ter­view: re­search the com­pany. Dress for the po­si­tion you want, not the one you have.

If you want the em­ployer to take you se­ri­ously, you need to take the job se­ri­ously. You are learn­ing in an ac­tive, real-world en­vi­ron­ment, so your con­tri­bu­tions – and your mis­takes – af­fect other peo­ple.

A word used when the ac­tual name of the ob­ject/sit­u­a­tion in ques­tion will not come to mind.

The big­gest prob­lem with this filler word is that you’re prob­a­bly un­aware of how much you use it.

This is the most popular among overused, mean­ing­less clichés.

It’s tempt­ing to use the word as a pre­lude to your achieve­ments, but don’t. For ex­am­ple, say­ing: “Ba­si­cally, I or­gan­ised the whole event,” when in re­al­ity what this means is you as­sem­bled the pull-up ban­ners.

In to­day’s hec­tic work en­vi­ron­ment, you need to be a team player.

Peo­ple use this word as a filler to sound pos­i­tive. Don’t.

What does this mean? See whatchamacallit. Same thing.

Sounds like you got it off the in­ter­net. Not a dif­fer­en­ti­at­ing fea­ture.

We all need to be mo­ti­vated on a daily ba­sis to just get out of bed. Don’t use it; you might as well say “I’m breath­ing”.

You had bet­ter want to learn. Why

else are you here? Botha is busi­ness unit direc­tor at Grey, an ad­ver­tis­ing agency in Jo­han­nes­burg. Ref­er­ences: Life­hack’s Steven McConnell, Ur­ban Dic­tio­nary

and Busi­ness In­sider’s Jac­que­lyn Smith

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