A mil­lion­aire US stock trader shares what it takes to be­come truly suc­cess­ful

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If you want to be­come a mil­lion­aire, study the habits of peo­ple who have al­ready made their mil­lions. Here’s what mil­lion­aires do to stay on top of their game:

1 Mil­lion­aires work hard

A lot of peo­ple think win­ning the lottery is their ticket to suc­cess, but I’ve got bad news for them. Nearly 90% of lottery win­ners go through their win­nings in five years or less, leav­ing them back in the sit­u­a­tion they were in be­fore they won.

Mil­lion­aires know there are no short cuts to suc­cess – only hard work ex­e­cuted re­lent­lessly in pur­suit of a goal.

It was up to me to put in the hours needed to be­come suc­cess­ful. There were plenty of times I would have rather gone out with friends or played video games – any­thing but sit in front of the com­puter and study stock charts for another hour.

But I did it. I put in that dif­fi­cult work up­front be­cause I knew the re­sults would be worth it, and they have paid off.

I’m now liv­ing my dream lifestyle be­cause I wasn’t afraid to work hard.

2 Mil­lion­aires are fo­cused

That said, it isn’t just about work­ing hard. You have to be work­ing hard on the right thing.

Have you ever known some­body who’s con­stantly jump­ing from one “mil­lion-dol­lar idea” to another? We all want to be rich, but the peo­ple who can’t choose one path to fo­cus on sim­ply aren’t go­ing to achieve it.

It’s the peo­ple who ded­i­cate them­selves to a sin­gle pur­suit who come out on top, whether that one path is penny stock trad­ing, com­pany build­ing or some­thing else.

3 Mil­lion­aires are care­ful

What­ever wealth-build­ing ap­proach you take, you’ve got to keep your risk in check. It’s not that you shouldn’t take risks, but the risks you take should be cal­cu­lated.

If there’s more risk than there is re­ward, stay away. But if there’s more po­ten­tial for re­ward than there is risk of loss, you may be look­ing at a great op­por­tu­nity and should take it with both hands.

4 Mil­lion­aires are gen­er­ous

Take a les­son from gen­er­ous bil­lion­aires such as Bill Gates, War­ren Buf­fett, Carl Ic­ahn and Ken Lan­gone.

Be­ing gen­er­ous with money can feel just as good (if not bet­ter) than earn­ing it, and it makes peo­ple re­spect you as a per­son, trust you more and want to do busi­ness with you.

5 Mil­lion­aires keep learn­ing

This is such a big one. Mil­lion­aires love to learn be­cause they’re al­ways look­ing for ways to ex­pand their skills and get ahead in their fields.

They read books, watch doc­u­men­taries, study ed­u­ca­tional ma­te­ri­als and talk to oth­ers who can give them more in­for­ma­tion.

Mil­lion­aires know that knowl­edge is power, and they stop at noth­ing to get it.

No mat­ter what your net worth is right now, you can put this tip into prac­tice to­day.

If you’re learn­ing to trade penny stocks, you can watch videos, read Se­cu­ri­ties and Ex­change Com­mis­sion state­ments, study stock charts or learn from oth­ers in in­dus­try cha­t­rooms.

You can do all of these things for free, but the value of what you learn will be worth so much more in the long run.

Which of these use­ful habits could you add to your life?

Com­mit to­day to mak­ing at least one change that will put you on the path to be­com­ing a mil­lion­aire.


RICHLY RE­WARDED War­ren Buf­fett (left) and Bill Gates are re­spected phi­lan­thropists

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