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The ex­panded un­em­ploy­ment rate (which in­cludes peo­ple no longer seek­ing work) is 34.2%. With more than 61 000 peo­ple al­ready re­trenched this year, and worse to come, this fig­ure will not go down any time soon


Since 2011 the rand has lost

43% of its value against 20 cur­ren­cies of coun­tries trad­ing with SA


The short­fall on SA’s cur­rent

ac­count (we im­port more than we ex­port) has been at more than 5% of GDP for the past three years


This is the 10th year in a row where house­holds spend more than 75% of their dis­pos­able in­come to pay off debts. With in­ter­est rates ris­ing, this means peo­ple will get into deeper debt


The latest fig­ures from Sars show that it had col­lected R2.1 bil­lion less tax rev­enue in the first quar­ter of the tax year. This is mainly due to the poor econ­omy, and means the gov­ern­ment has less money to spend on es­sen­tial ser­vices and would have to bor­row more money


The econ­omy shrunk by 1.3% in the sec­ond quar­ter, while the agri­cul­tural sec­tor alone con­tracted by 17% and the man­u­fac­tur­ing sec­tor is al­ready in re­ces­sion


The plat­inum price has fallen by 47% since April 2011, mainly be­cause of over­sup­ply of ac­cu­mu­lated stock in re­ac­tion to in­dus­trial ac­tion, and a lower de­mand from Europe and China


SA’s fixed cap­i­tal

in­vest­ment as a per­cent­age of GDP has been less than 25% for the past 20 years. This means the coun­try is not in­vest­ing enough in fixed as­sets like energy or trans­port in­fra­struc­ture that will help the econ­omy grow or cre­ate jobs


The stock ex­change has lost 23.5% of its value in dol­lars since April 2011. This will make for­eign in­vestors think twice be­fore they in­vest in SA


FNB and BER’s latest con­sumer

con­fi­dence in­dex shows that con­sumer con­fi­dence is at its low­est point in 14 years. The SA Cham­ber of Busi­ness’ busi­ness con­fi­dence in­dex fell to its low­est point in 16 years

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