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Modigliani’s Nu Couché, or 10 Nkand­las Licht­en­stein’s Nurse, or three times the cost of SA’s most

ex­pen­sive house, Casablanca

Twombly’s Un­ti­tled (New York City), or a su­pery­acht

Pi­casso’s La Gom­meuse, or a G650 Jet Van Gogh’s Paysage sous un ciel mou­ve­menté, or 22 Bu­gatti


Warhol’s Mao, or hav­ing LeBron James on your bas­ket­ball team Male­vich’s Mys­tic Supre­ma­tism (Black Cross on Red Oval), or the

value of Rwanda’s new min­ing con­tracts for the next five years

Freud’s Bri­gadier, or Rick Ross’ net worth

Monet’s Nym­phéas, or all the de­stroyed As­ton Martins in Spec­tre

Gau­guin’s Thérèse, or Ju­lia Roberts’ Hawai­ian es­tate


RED AND RICH One of Andy Warhol’s Mao 1972 screen­prints

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