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In­su­late your wa­ter pipes and geyser In­stall a so­lar geyser to heat your wa­ter be­cause gen­er­at­ing elec­tric­ity uses mas­sive amounts of wa­ter Flush your toi­let only when nec­es­sary Place a closed, filled 500ml bot­tle in your toi­let cis­tern to re­duce the amount of wa­ter used per flush

If you have a flush-han­dle toi­let, pick up the han­dle af­ter you have flushed

In­stall a dual-flush toi­let cis­tern that has a but­ton for liq­uid waste (a four-litre flush) and a but­ton for solid waste (a nine-litre flush)

In­stall a rain­wa­ter har­vest­ing tank. Up to 86% of house­hold wa­ter needs can be met in this way Turn off the tap when you’re brush­ing your teeth or shav­ing Use cold wa­ter to wash your hands Fix all drip­ping taps Don’t fill your bath deeper than 20cm Reuse your bath wa­ter for clean­ing your floors or car­pets Take five-minute show­ers Switch off the shower be­tween soap­ing and rins­ing your body and wash­ing your hair

Place a bucket in your shower to col­lect wa­ter to re­use on lawns, shrubs and trees

Sweep your paving with a broom in­stead of wash­ing it with wa­ter

Wash your car with a bucket of wa­ter in­stead of a hosepipe, and do so on the lawn

Use a pool cover on your swim­ming pool to de­crease wa­ter evap­o­ra­tion

Use mulch (grass, leaves, bark, wood chips, peb­bles) to keep the ground moist around your plants – this re­duces evap­o­ra­tion and wa­ter run-off

Group plants into high, medium and low wa­ter-use zones, so that they can be wa­tered sep­a­rately

Grow plants that need less wa­ter – in­dige­nous plants rather than ex­otic ones are best Create wa­ter basins around trees and shrubs Keep your lawn 2cm long – this de­vel­ops health­ier roots and pro­tects the soil from the hot sun. It also means less wa­ter is needed to keep the grass grow­ing

Source: Rand Water’s Water Wise – wa­ter­

South Africa is one of the 30 dri­est coun­tries in the world Gaut­eng gets most of its drink­ing wa­ter from the Vaal Dam. Its ideal ca­pac­ity is about 60% to 80%, but it is sit­ting at 58%

The dam stores all the wa­ter from the up­per Vaal River catch­ment, which in­cludes sev­eral rivers or trib­u­taries from Mpumalanga and the Free State

From the dam, Rand Water pumps the raw wa­ter to pu­rifi­ca­tion sta­tions in Vereenig­ing and Zuiker­bosch

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