Should SAA stay or go?

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Jeff Western Cape ell or shut down SAA and ap­ply the pro­ceeds, plus the cost sav­ings, to hous­ing and ed­u­ca­tion for those in need.

SMel Cape Town, Western Cape ump SAA right now. Close it down and save bil­lions of rands of tax­pay­ers’ money.

DElsa Western Cape o, we do not need a na­tional air­line.

NA Oosthuizen KwaZulu-Natal es, we need a na­tional car­rier. It pro­vides many jobs and flies the flag all over the world. It keeps ticket prices down.

When it is gone, prices will sky­rocket. What SAA needs is solid man­age­ment held ac­count­able, and a share­holder who doesn’t med­dle and bring pol­i­tics into the busi­ness. The com­pany is prof­itable at an op­er­a­tional level. Routes need to be cho­sen bet­ter and non-po­lit­i­cally.

YN­di­vhuwo Lim­popo Ihas think the time

ar­rived for SAA to be pri­va­tised be­fore it com­pletely col­lapses. Renny Sch­wed­helm via SMS ri­vate en­ter­prise is the only way to go. Get rid of all in­com­pe­tent and use­less par­a­sitic staff, in­clud­ing top man­age­ment.

PLouis Nell Gaut­eng e do not need a na­tional air­line, as we will never have com­pe­tent man­age­ment.

WAnro Cape Town, Western Cape here is no ben­e­fit for the man on the street in hav­ing a na­tional car­rier with fares we can­not af­ford. Open the mar­ket for en­trepreneurs who can make a dif­fer­ence and cre­ate jobs, which are much needed.

TLawrence Atkin­son Gaut­eng e are done with pan­der­ing to gov­ern­ment’s ego and the ANC. Sell SAA and open the air­ports to world air­lines. Costs will drop, ser­vice will im­prove and the tax­payer will save bil­lions.

WAn­dre Hoff­man Eastern Cape he gov­ern­ment can­not run an air­line. The quicker they sell it, the bet­ter.

TMaxwell Msomi Stanger, KwaZulu-Natal AA has been mak­ing losses year af­ter year. It is sim­ply be­cause it is con­trolled by the state, which ap­points an in­com­pe­tent board of di­rec­tors that knows that the car­rier will be bailed out if it makes an­other loss come the end of the fi­nan­cial year.

South Africa has a free mar­ket econ­omy, right? Pri­va­tise SAA and let it show its met­tle against the other gi­ant air­lines of the world. The “nanny gov­ern­ment” must push it out into the world to do bat­tle in the global econ­omy. Other air­lines sur­vive. Why can’t SAA?


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