So ... about that bank ac­count

Even with the ben­e­fit of a pri­vate banker, bu­reau­cracy can be crip­pling, writes Char­lotte Kil­bane

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One of the things that has struck us the most about em­bark­ing on a start-up is how com­plex seem­ingly sim­ple things can be­come. When you’re start­ing out, you know you have a big knowl­edge moun­tain to climb. You’re pre­pared to cram-learn com­plex con­cepts, to try and fail, and to spend many, many (many) hours get­ting your busi­ness off the ground.

But what you might not be pre­pared for is the spi­ralling com­plex­ity of the lit­tlest things. Some­times the things you think will be a cake­walk, turn out to be the big­gest headache – scratch that, re­cur­ring night­mare – of all.

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