Enough is enough. Zuma must fall

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Louise Western Cape olela Mangcu, please don’t lump all white peo­ple to­gether. I, for one, think we can do bet­ter than Zuma. I am an­gry be­yond be­lief and heart­sore to see a once proud lib­er­a­tion move­ment re­duced to dust.

XHedzane Mpumalanga lease get rid of this MON­STER. We can­not al­low this beast to bring our coun­try to its knees.

PEd­ward Lim­popo y big­gest prob­lem is that I don’t un­der­stand why we still have more than 62% of the pop­u­la­tion vot­ing for the ANC. I, for one, sleep very peace­fully at night be­cause I have never voted for Zuma’s ANC.

MTshep­ileng Soweto, Gaut­eng is ANC peo­ple, ANC Cabi­net min­is­ters and civil ser­vants are all scared of him, of los­ing their pay cheques, big con­tracts, ten­ders and even their lives. But we, the hun­gry peo­ple on the ground, we can re­move Zuma and all his stooges be­fore Fe­bru­ary. Come on South Africans, let us re­move them.

HMolomo Lim­popo ur peo­ple must put pres­sure on the ANC to oust Zuma. They can do this by not vot­ing for the ANC.

OM Hester via SMS olela Mangcu’s ar­ti­cle on Sun­day made me want to cry. It was elo­quent and heart­felt. I don’t know why we don’t hold Zuma and other poor lead­ers to ac­count. Prob­a­bly be­cause the ANC has be­come what Mangcu says it is, and its mem­bers pos­si­bly hope that things are not as bad as they seem, that in such a short time af­ter democ­racy peo­ple would still hold to the no­ble ideals of the strug­gle.

But Mangcu is wrong when he says: “White peo­ple seem to think [that Zuma is the best we can be].” I am white. I don’t think so. In fact, I am sure of the con­trary. I wish I knew what to do to help. White peo­ple who are not racists are in a dif­fi­cult po­si­tion: how to crit­i­cise with­out look­ing un­grate­ful and high-handed? Hun­dreds of thou­sands of us, I am sure, want change for the bet­ter.

XDianne Mor­ran Eastern Cape here are plenty of good, hon­est peo­ple of in­tegrity in the ANC. They just need to find their courage, and stand up and be counted. They found the courage to save South Africa be­fore. They can find it again.

TJay Kganyago Lim­popo he now ide­o­log­i­cally, morally and po­lit­i­cally in­ept ANC is ru­in­ing the coun­try, and Zuma just hap­pens to be the fool in the mid­dle of it all.

TNox­olisa Eastern Cape y prob­lem re­volves around the ANC guys who con­tinue to let Zuma get away with things. Come on peo­ple, wake up and smell the cof­fee. What more are you wait­ing for? Please re­call that man.

MFanie Kgopa Lim­popo ’m deeply hurt by our pres­i­dent. He must re­sign now. We need to give our in­vestors hope again. Ramaphosa can take over un­til Zuma’s term of of­fice is over. We’ve had enough with such jokes.

IKub­heka Gaut­eng have had ENOUGH. South Africa is my home.

South Africa is my ONLY home and yet I feel so help­less as this man’s greed and ar­ro­gance con­tin­ues to de­stroy what was once a proud, emerg­ing na­tion.

Can some­one please tell me what le­git­i­mately needs to be done at this stage to get rid of Zuma?

I will be on board faster than the speed of light­ning.

INelis Kruger Western Cape hite peo­ple cer­tainly do NOT think Zuma is “the best we can do”. But white peo­ple have been warn­ing against Zuma for a long time. White peo­ple’s crit­i­cism is al­ways cut off on ac­count of be­ing “racist”.

At last, black peo­ple are start­ing to re­alise the dam­age Zuma is do­ing. Think­ing black peo­ple can al­ways rely on think­ing white peo­ple to join in the fight against cor­rup­tion and in­com­pe­tence.

But only black peo­ple can vote out the skele­ton of the ANC that is suck­ing EV­ERY­ONE in this coun­try dry.

WKhomi Gaut­eng uma has been be­witched. We need to get rid of him a.s.a.p. The ANC has failed the coun­try, af­ter we trusted them with our blood. Ramaphosa, Gwede, Mashatile, Phosa, why are you fold­ing your arms when your coun­try needs you?

ZMa­canda Eastern Cape uma is Ali Baba and the rest are the 40 thieves. The lead­er­ship in the ANC is gone.

ZSimba Dziwa Gaut­eng our writer Xolela Mangcu seems ob­ses­sively con­cerned about what “white” peo­ple think about Zuma. I am not sure why this is so. Zuma was elected by na­tional Par­lia­ment and not di­rectly by the vot­ers. One can ar­gue though that by vot­ing for the ANC, the peo­ple voted for Zuma. The re­al­ity is that the party list sys­tem un­der­pin­ning our elec­toral sys­tem is flawed. It’s not sur­pris­ing that the out­come for the pres­i­dent is more about other party in­ter­ests than na­tional in­ter­ests.

YTK Thek­iso Free State hank you for an ar­ti­cle that ar­tic­u­lates so well our sad­ness, de­spair and dis­be­lief – as well as calls us out on the fact that Zuma is in power be­cause we leave him there. What a trav­esty, in­deed.

The love and the loy­alty South Africans have for the ANC is giv­ing Zuma and his cronies lever­age to loot and plun­der, but I am not go­ing to turn my back on the or­gan­i­sa­tion of OR Tambo. Their time is al­most up.

TSthem­biso Madela KwaZulu-Natal his is tyranny and thought­less­ness of the high­est or­der by the pres­i­dent. As an ANC mem­ber, I am throw­ing in the towel. You can’t run a demo­cratic coun­try like your fief­dom. He must be re­called as of yes­ter­day.

Since tak­ing over, he has dropped the bar sev­eral notches lower. The next pres­i­dent will find the job very easy as the stan­dards will be very low.

TLoqo Eastern Cape res­i­dent Ja­cob Zuma doesn’t put the in­ter­est of the coun­try first. Each and ev­ery de­ci­sion he takes is about him­self and, most of the time, his de­ci­sions are self-cen­tred.

PMdu Tha­bethe Gaut­eng he pres­i­dent was wrong. Pe­riod. I feel it in my house. My wife is sick and hos­pi­talised be­cause of that wrong de­ci­sion.

TJoseph Gaut­eng uma has sur­rounded him­self with empty-headed, cor­rupt souls, tak­ing any op­por­tu­nity to loot. He is also in al­liance with the ed­u­cated through unions like Sadtu. The ma­jor­ity of our vot­ers are also po­lit­i­cally il­lit­er­ate.

ZLynne via SMS s a 54-year-old white per­son, I re­ally ob­ject to your por­trayal of white racists re­joic­ing in the down­fall of our coun­try. My fam­ily has been in Africa for 350 years, so this is my home too.

I feel gut­ted that Zuma is lead­ing us all off a cliff. I would far rather we all suc­ceed than take a petty view on black fail­ure. We all need a grow­ing SA. Whether black or white, we are all in the same dis­as­trous boat, all thanks to Zuma.

AEna Ry­der KwaZulu–Natal t is just very sad. Mbeki was re­placed for noth­ing and this man is al­lowed to ruin our coun­try, our econ­omy. Please, ANC stal­warts, stand up and re­move him. Bad things hap­pen when GOOD men/women do noth­ing. God bless South Africa. It is ter­ri­fy­ing.


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