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You must make the ma­jor shift from be­ing a con­sumer to be­com­ing a pro­ducer. Con­sumers eat pizza; pro­duc­ers make pizza. Con­sumers search for jobs; pro­duc­ers pro­vide jobs. Ev­ery mil­lion­aire is a pro­ducer. Only pro­duc­ers get rich.

The over­ar­ch­ing goal of a pro­ducer is not to eat, but to feed. Ob­vi­ously, pro­duc­ers must con­sume at some point, but it isn’t their pri­mary goal.

In­stead of seek­ing their next meal, they’re more in­ter­ested in pro­vid­ing the next meal for some­one else, know­ing that they will have the chance to eat in the process.

If you study mil­lion­aires closely, you’ll find that nearly all of them pro­vide a valu­able prod­uct or ser­vice to mil­lions of peo­ple.

When you adopt a pro­ducer men­tal­ity, you em­brace the road to wealth.

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