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IThapelo Mpo­toane Gaut­eng am one of those who thinks the time has come for the black man to stand up. We need to have our own agenda. We need to do things on our own with­out de­pend­ing on white peo­ple. We keep on com­plain­ing about how racist they are, yet we keep on fol­low­ing them – we fol­low them to their schools; we fol­low them to their hang­outs ... you name it.

What stops us from build­ing our own best schools, our own best restau­rants?

Re­gard­ing Gareth Cliff, I think he is racist. If he wasn’t, he would have stood up against any racist state­ment or ut­ter­ance, rather than telling us about free­dom of speech. Zwai Western Cape No, blacks are not cow­ards – but they are too re­spect­ful and po­lite. It is not easy for us to jump up and fight some­one, as it is not in us to de­lib­er­ately hurt peo­ple. But black peo­ple still have that in­fe­ri­or­ity com­plex be­cause of our past. Mandla Jo­han­nes­burg Duma Ka Ndlovu is per­fectly cor­rect. Blacks are so sub­mis­sive and docile, de­spite all the op­pres­sion and hu­mil­i­a­tion of the past. Not all whites and In­di­ans are racist, and/or look down on black Africans. But their si­lence is deaf­en­ing. They should be more vo­cal than any­body in this re­gard. My great­est fear is that blacks will rise up and say “enough is enough”, which is a big pos­si­bil­ity. I hate chaos and con­flict. I urge all good whites to stand up and shout be­fore it is too late. C Dombo North­ern Cape Black peo­ple are in­doc­tri­nated by the white dom­i­na­tion in this coun­try, es­pe­cially be­cause they are not eco­nom­i­cally em­pow­ered. Money is power. White dom­i­na­tion is in the form of an econ­omy they con­trol, so they think they can call blacks what­ever they want. Blacks are called by all sorts of names, but they are still re­luc­tant to fight the mi­nor­ity group that oc­cu­pied this land il­le­gally. Joshua Jo­han­nes­burg I to­tally agree with Duma. Black peo­ple are cow­ards and suck­ers for ev­ery­thing white, and are very cruel to­wards each other. They’ll never get re­spect from other races be­cause they’re weak ide­o­log­i­cally and psy­cho­log­i­cally, and have no as­pi­ra­tions and de­sires. In the South African con­text, blacks were the only ones who be­lieved in the for­give-and-for­get non­sense of the “rain­bow na­tion”. Nt­sun­deni Madzunya Gaut­eng Yes, I to­tally agree with Duma. Africans are still op­pressed and need to be lib­er­ated men­tally. Af­ter 21 years of demo­cratic govern­ment rule, eco­nomic in­equal­ity has wors­ened. Africans are the poor­est of all groups, de­spite be­ing the ma­jor­ity by far. Sbonga Nt­shangase KwaZulu-Na­tal I par­tially agree with Duma. But in the case of Gareth Cliff, I beg to dif­fer. Cliff said noth­ing harm­ful or con­trary to any­one’s rights. Hence, he won his case in the high court. Even we blacks are racist. We shouldn’t mis­in­ter­pret the true mean­ing of racism. Sek­wati Mmamohlofe via SMS There is a say­ing that goes “Sehlare sa motho ke lek­goa” (Blacks can only do well when there is a white man be­hind them) and that is very sad in­deed. Duma Ka Ndlovu is right. Blacks are not only hyp­ocrites but cow­ards too. They, or we, do not see any­thing wrong with Gareth Cliff sup­port­ing racist com­ments. We also do not know what Cliff and his white friends say about us be­hind closed doors. We are happy to take self­ies and flock to those au­di­tions and, come Sun­day, we ea­gerly wait for the pro­gramme to air. We should boy­cott the show. Nsuku­zonke Gaut­eng The whites are us­ing black peo­ple to re­move the black pres­i­dent from of­fice. Cliff is a racist. MR Mana East­ern Cape I agree fully with Duma. Look at the qual­ity of our rep­re­sen­ta­tives, both in Par­lia­ment and lo­cal govern­ment. Some peo­ple in those po­si­tions are there be­cause they are the friends or pup­pets of in­di­vid­u­als hold­ing po­si­tions, and their duty is to de­fend their masters and vote the way they are told, not ac­cord­ing to the needs of those who voted for them. In spite of it all, we sel­domly ut­ter a word against this mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion. Lolo wa Moeletsi Gaut­eng I ve­he­mently agree with Duma. Enough is enough. We should boy­cott the show un­til we are heard. We must kick racism out. I am black and proud of my­self. Rev­erend Mzwandile Maqina East­ern Cape Our peo­ple are def­i­nitely not united. I wouldn’t go so far as say­ing they are cow­ards, but they are con­fused and not able to de­fine them­selves, since they ditched black con­scious­ness with the ad­vent of democ­racy. Black per­son, de­fine your­self.

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