Maimane paints a pic­ture of Planet Zuma ... in a galaxy far, far away

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Mdu Msiza The force is not strong in Team Zuma.

Rose Palai I want to visit Planet Zuma. I won­der how many hours it’s go­ing to take me to get there. Should I go with a space­ship or Zupta pri­vate plane?

@tomed­wed Mr Maimane, you should’ve been a sniper. Your shots are from the hip and deadly cor­rect.

Ja­cob Mo­gapi Can op­po­si­tion par­ties tell us about what they can do for us that ANC failed to do?

@Mbalu­laFik­ile He was prob­a­bly on a Planet Fit­ness Tread­mill do­ing car­dio when he thought of this

“Planet Zuma”. What a joke.

Nku­l­u­lenko Khanye From a bro­ken coun­try, Maimane, now to a planet – you keep on ex­ag­ger­at­ing things here.

@Euse­bius #Plan­etZuma re­ally is a good rhetor­i­cal re­frain. Sadly the pres­i­dent in­deed lives in a par­al­lel uni­verse. At our ex­pense. Tragi­com­edy stuff.

@mandylde­waal A point of or­der Mmusi Maimane – Zuma is not a planet, he’s a Death­Star.

@tbagstar I be­lieve Mmusi Maimane’s “Planet Zuma” speech will go down in his­tory as iconic.

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